Dominic Pace (born September 21, 1975) is an American actor who portrayed a bounty hunter in the first and third chapters of The Mandalorian. The name Gekko was used by makeup artist Brian Sipe on social media, but hasn't been confirmed to be official.[1] Sipe applied the makeup to several of the actors and actresses from The Mandalorian. Pace was also able to select his own weapon during production and chose a large, unique heavy blaster.[2]

Pace has also confirmed that he would like his species to be known as a Shaaridan.[3] Pace stated in a recent interview that at he views Gekko as ruthless, unapologetic, imposing and intense.[4]


In Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian, Pace's character is seen several times in the Nevarro cantina while Din Djarin and Greef Karga discuss bounty hunting jobs and "the Client."[5]

In Chapter 3, Pace's character is again seen multiple times. He is one of the many bounty hunters notified via a tracking fob of the Mandalorian breaking the Bounty Hunter Code and attempting to rescue "the Child" from Nevarro. While Karga attempts to reason with Djarin, Gekko can be seen standing next to Karga with his blaster pointed at the Mandalorian.[6]


Gekko (Dominic Pace) and Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) attempt to stop the Mandalorian from leaving Nevarro.

Pace can be seen several more times firing on Djarin as he attempts to escape. However, his character and the rest of the Bounty Hunter's Guild are scattered when heavy reinforcements arrive on Djarin's behalf in the form of other Mandalorian warriors.[6]

Pace has been very active on social media and the press circuit. Recently, he was accepted as an honorary member of the fan organizations the 501st Legion,[7] and the Rebel Legion.[8]

The mayor of Sioux City, Iowa officially named July 18, 2020 as Gekko the Bounty Hunter aka Dominic Pace Day.[9] On July 26, 2020, Pace was given a key to the city in Cleveland, Tennessee.[10]

Pace is a lifelong Star Wars fan and described his time on set and in costume as one of the coolest experiences of his lifetime.[11]


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