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"Lando Calrissian… you believe you can beat me?"
―Dominic Raynor[2]

Dominic Raynor was a Tionese business mogul who owned Raynor Mining Enterprises and was a widely reputed gangster. Prior to 22 BBY, Raynor took control of the Wheel space station, and embezzled millions of credits from the station to support mining operations on various planets. The Wheel's immense popularity allowed it to survive the loss of credits, and Raynor eventually assumed full control of the station when he was able to buy out the InterGalactic Banking Clan, which had suspected but could never prove his embezzlement. However, as a result of his success, Raynor found himself the victim of a lawsuit from former business associate Iaco Stark, who had purchased a similar space station called the Jubilee Wheel, and stated mostly unfounded claims of copyright. Raynor in turn went on the offensive with official proof that the Wheel was officially registered as the "Marvelous Wheel," seeking damages for the pain and duress caused by Stark's lawsuit. However, when Stark's attorney was the celebrity Qimberly Gaitag-Delio, also a granddaughter of the Wheel's founder, Doffen Gaitag, Raynor realized he could not win the lawsuit, and sold control of the Wheel to Cody Sunn-Childe.

Raynor eventually became the Baron Administrator of Cloud City on Bespin until 1 ABY. Though adept at corporate matters, Raynor was a corrupt and despotic leader who ruled his city ineptly, bringing its status down in the eyes of many, and turning the Bespin Wing Guard into a breeding ground of corruption. Raynor enjoyed a number of pastimes, chief amongst them gambling, and also his lover Ymile. In 1 ABY, a gambler named Lando Calrissian attracted Raynor's eye as an opponent in sabacc, and the Baron Administrator challenged him to a game. Their first match cost Calrissian his money and ship. Even the revelation that Calrissian's nemesis Barpotomous Drebble had cheated on Raynor's behalf, though angering the Baron Administrator, did not get Calrissian his money back.

Calrissian soon got an anonymous donation by way of Raynor's aide Lobot, secretly from a group of fifty thousand workers who wanted Raynor gone. The second match went into high stakes again, and Calrissian laid out his starship lot against Raynor's position as Baron Administrator. Raynor accepted, and Calrissian won the match and city. Raynor left with Ymile, but he was not through with Calrissian. The former administrator attempted to get revenge on the man who had taken his job multiple times, sending a number of bounty hunters and assassins after Calrissian with no success.



The Human male[2] Dominic Raynor hailed from the planet Tion. He was a business mogul and owner of Raynor Mining Enterprises. Due to his ethically questionable business practices, he was widely known as a gangster. Before 22 BBY, Raynor had used his business acumen to take control of the Wheel space station from its previous administrator Kelek the Blue, a Tefaun banker. Kelek, who owed money to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, sold the majority of her shares to Raynor to settle her debt. As the new administrator, Raynor embezzled millions of credits from the station, using the funds to support mining operations on the planets of Bespin, Ota, and other worlds. The Banking Clan suspected Raynor of skimming profits, but they were unable to prove it. As his predecessor had done, Raynor expanded the facilities on the Wheel, doubling the number of casinos and bringing the station's popularity and wealth to an all time high. Although his abilities as administrator helped bring the space station notoriety, it also burdened it with a seedy reputation. Many of the casinos were rigged in Raynor's favor, and rumors of corruption plagued the station. However, the station continued to make a profit, and Raynor was able to buy out the shares of the Banking Clan, assuming direct control of the station.[1]

Due to his success, Raynor found himself the victim of a lawsuit from a former business associate, Iaco Stark. Stark was angry with Raynor due to a previous incident they had experienced together in the Corporate Sector. The incident, never fully explained, had involved Zanibar cannibals, a Sith amulet, and the disappearance of Stark's girlfriend, the holo-starlet Riva Denais. To get back at Raynor, Stark had purchased a similar space station, the Jubilee Wheel, in the Bright Jewel Cluster and claimed that the Wheel was infringing on his station's copyright. Stark claimed that Raynor's station had stolen the Jubilee's design and its use of the word "wheel," and that Raynor was running a game called "Jubilee Wheel" on his station. Although the majority of Stark's claims were frivolous and unfounded, Raynor went on the offensive. He was able to procure proof that his station was officially registered as the "Marvelous Wheel" and countersued Stark for the emotional duress, pain, and suffering caused by Stark's lawsuit. However, in the following legal proceedings, Stark was represented by the celebrity attorney Qimberly Gaitag-Delio, who was also a granddaughter of the Wheel's founder, Doffen Gaitag. Realizing that he was fighting a losing battle, Raynor sold the Wheel to the Jashwik Cody Sunn-Childe.[1]

Baron Administrator[]

Raynor eventually took the office of Baron Administrator of Cloud City, the floating city of Bespin, traditionally passed down by decree of the previous administrator.[3] Though well-skilled in corporate issues,[4] as the leader of his city, Raynor proved to be a venal despot[5] and inept at his job. Cloud City earned a reputation of infamy throughout the galaxy,[6] and the opinion arose that it had declined under Raynor's watch. Thousands of workers in the city and gas mines were opposed to Raynor's methods and how they had affected the city.[2] Corruption seeped into Bespin's Wing Guard under his rule as well, turning the unit into a disorganized band run by thieves and bureaucrats, only providing protection to those who could pay.[5] Raynor's law was draconian, and a thriving black market trade in droids sprang up under his administration.[3] Though officials of Cloud City were legally barred from gambling, Raynor was fond of the pastime and continued to do it anyway. He took on a lover, the Human woman Ymile, though she was not fond of living on Bespin and wanted to travel.[2] The Exex and Parliament of Guilds—the other two branches of Bespinite government—wanted Raynor out. Rather than use slow political means or more criminal methods of removal, they decided to set him up to fall.[4]

A sabacc match[]

"Here's the title for the Cobra."
"And here's an Idiot's Array!"
―Raynor strikes a seemingly fatal blow in his game with Calrissian[2]

In 1 ABY, Raynor took an interest in a visiting gambler to Cloud City, Lando Calrissian. Calrissian was enjoying a winning streak, and Raynor sent his aide Lobot to him with an offer to play against Raynor in the Ecclessis Figg Room[2] of the Trest casino.[7] With Ymile joining them at the table, they began their high-stakes game of sabacc with a large audience in attendance. The bet quickly increased; when it reached two million credits, Calrissian ran out of money and had to put the title to his ship, the Cobra, on the table. Raynor won the entire pot with an Idiot's Array, the highest possible hand. Lobot, however, soon discovered that someone had cheated by placing a skifter in the game, and they learned from the dealer that Barpotomous Drebble, a nemesis of Calrissian's, had paid him to cheat. Raynor was furious at Drebble and ordered him arrested, promising an unpleasant reprisal at a later juncture. When Calrissian confronted him about continuing the game, Raynor brushed him off and refused to return his winnings; as far as he was concerned, even though someone else had cheated for him, he had won fair and square.[2]

Calrissian and Raynor's second match

Lobot, however, approached Calrissian with an anonymous donation of five million credits, claiming it to be from individuals who wanted the game to continue—but, unbeknownst to either player, the funds were actually a collection from fifty thousand workers who wanted Raynor out of office. Raynor was eager to begin a new game, and this one rose to four million credits before Calrissian added a new bet: his starship lot on Nar Shaddaa against Raynor's post as Baron Administrator. Raynor laughed at the prospect of pitting his city against Calrissian's "scrap heap" until Calrissian informed him that it included three rare pre-Empire Surronian Farstar ships, a collector's item. Raynor took the bet, and Calrissian laid down a Pure Sabacc, winning the hand and the city. Raynor, enraged, ordered Calrissian arrested, but the guards refused the now-former Baron Administrator's orders. Calrissian let Raynor go, and Ymile went with Raynor, delighted that she would now be able to travel. Raynor threatened Calrissian as he left,[2] and he was in such a furor that he forgot to take the Cobra with him when he departed the city.[8] Though there was a question of legitimacy of Calrissian's ascension to the office, as Raynor had not actually nominated him, neither the Exex nor Parliament objected.[4]


"Men like Dominic Raynor have more than money: They have power, and that means they have friends who'll make sure I'm back on your trail before you even have time to wax that ridiculous mustache."
―Thune, to Calrissian[8]

Raynor would come to make good on his threat. The former administrator believed Calrissian had cheated in their final game—[9]and was partially correct, as Lobot had cheated for him, using an electronic device concealed in a pendant of Ymile's to rig the game.[2] With his underground contacts and leftover funds, Raynor hired the bounty hunter Bossk to get revenge on Calrissian. Bossk and his group of mercenaries ambushed Calrissian in Cloud City,[9] but the man survived.[10]

Calrissian believed two further assassins—a Gank killer and a Human replica droid impersonating Queen Sarna of Drogheda—to have been sent by Raynor as well. Over a month after losing his position, Raynor hired the bounty hunter Thune to kill both Calrissian and Lobot for 200,000 credits. However, Calrissian outsmarted Thune and blackmailed her to call off the hunt for him, then hired her to capture Raynor instead. Raynor was taken in a matter of days and given to the interrogators of Bwahl the Hutt, an associate of Calrissian's. They pressured Raynor into dropping his grudge.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Raynor loses.

"Winning is secondary, Baron. I just enjoy the games."
"I only enjoy those I win—and I expect to enjoy this one!"
―Calrissian and Raynor discuss gambling[2]

A gifted man when it came to corporate issues,[4] Dominic Raynor was a corrupt and authoritarian leader,[5][1] not competent at his job,[6] and his time in charge of Cloud City saw the city's status decline in the eyes of many.[2] His aide, Lobot, who had served under many Baron Administrators, considered Raynor to be the worst.[11] Lobot saw him as a cruel tyrant. However, Raynor's power granted him influential friends and allies.[8]

Raynor was an extremely wealthy Human.[8] A greedy man,[4] he enjoyed gambling, but only when winning.[2] As the administrator of the Wheel, he rigged many of the casinos to pay out in his favor.[1] When large sums of money promised to be thrown around in a game, Raynor was extremely eager to play. He was quick to anger, becoming furious if someone helped him to cheat—but not adverse to reaping the rewards of it. He had those under his rule who displeased him, such as Barpotomous Drebble, punished unpleasantly.[2] Raynor also had a penchant for seeking revenge against those he felt had wronged him.[8][9]

The Baron Administrator had other pleasures, as well. Raynor had an eye for collector's items, appreciating their worth and valuing them highly. He called his lover Ymile his "second favorite pastime" after gambling. Ymile was attached to him, though Raynor's desire to stay on Bespin did not please her.[2] Raynor had blondish-gray hair, blue eyes, and light skin.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Raynor was created in Jonatha Ariadne Caspian's Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin, though he was not given his first name until the Star Wars Tales comic "Lady Luck", by Rich Handley and Darko Macan, where the character also got his first visual depiction.



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