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"We're lucky that suicide run on the Dominion only killed two of us—"
"Very lucky, considering the two Moffs we lost."
―Two members of the Moff Council[2]

The Dominion was a Star Dreadnought active by 12 ABY. Originally part of the forces of Imperial warlord Blitzer Harrsk, the Dominion was recovered by Imperial officer Gilad Pellaeon and used to strengthen the navy of the Imperial Remnant. Under the command of Admiral Teren Rogriss, the Super Star Destroyer participated in the Battle of Orinda against the New Republic. Five years later, the Dominion engaged New Republic forces in the Battle of Anx Minor, a major Imperial defeat.

By 41 ABY, the Dominion was still operational. It served as the flagship of the Remnant's invasion force during the attack on the Roche asteroid field during the Second Galactic Civil War. When the Imperial fleet arrived at the asteroid field, Mandalorian leader Boba Fett—on hand to assist in the defense of the asteroid Nickel One—convinced Nickel One's Verpine High Coordinator to launch the asteroid's starfighter force, in coordination with Mandalorian starships, at the Dominion. The fighters succeeded in their suicide run, and the warship was destroyed.


The Dominion was a Star Dreadnought in the service of the Imperial Remnant.[1] It was used as the flagship of the invasion force during the Remnant's attack on the Roche asteroid field in 41 ABY.[2]


The Star Dreadnought Dominion was originally in the service of Imperial warlord Blitzer Harrsk, whose forces were located in the Deep Core region of the galaxy. In the aftermath of Admiral Natasi Daala's unification of the Imperial Remnant, the Dominion was left abandoned at Deep 3, one of Harrsk's shipyards, with the Star Dreadnought Megador. In 12 ABY, during his survey of Imperial armories in the Deep Core, Imperial officer Gilad Pellaeon stumbled upon Deep 3 and procured both Star Dreadnoughts for the Imperial Remnant's war against the New Republic. Confident that the New Republic did not know of the existence of the Dominion or the Megador, Pellaeon sought to use the warships to his advantage.[1]

As Imperial and New Republic forces engaged one another above the planet Orinda, the Dominion—under the command of Admiral Teren Rogriss—entered the system with six Interdictor cruisers, trapping the New Republic forces. The Dominion joined the Star Dreadnought Reaper in battling the New Republic Star Dreadnought Lusankya until the Republic forces were able to flee after creating a hole in the interdiction field. The Dominion continued to serve in the Remnant's navy, and in 17 ABY it saw action in the Battle of Anx Minor, a defeat that proved costly for the Remnant.[1]

The Super Star Destroyer's service continued for decades. In 41 ABY, at the height of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Dominion was designated as the flagship of the Remnant's invasion fleet that attacked the Roche asteroid field. Seeking to seize the native Verpines' technology for use in the Remnant's war effort, the Imperials began an assault on the primary asteroid, Nickel One.[2] Mandalore Boba Fett—who was aiding the Verpine in repelling the Imperials—convinced Nickel One's High Coordinator to throw her full complement of starfighters at the Dominion upon its arrival in a suicide run[2] in conjunction with the initial attacks of the Mandalorian starships.[3] The tactic proved highly successful; the fighters destroyed the Super Star Destroyer and killed two Imperial Moffs who had been unable to avoid the warship's destruction. Nonetheless, the Imperials managed to capture Nickel One with what forces they had left.[2]

Commanders and crew[]

Though originally a part of Blitzer Harrsk's forces, the Dominion was taken by Gilad Pellaeon for use in the Remnant's war against the New Republic. At Orinda, the warship was commanded by Admiral Teren Rogriss.[1] Decades later, during the battle for Nickel One, the Imperial commanders had not expected a strong Verpine-Mandalorian counter-offensive.[3] When the Dominion was attacked by Nickel One's starfighter force, many Moffs of the Council of Moffs were present aboard the Super Star Destroyer. Two of them perished when the warship was obliterated.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Dominion was first mentioned in 2008's Legacy of the Force: Invincible, the ninth and final novel of the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.[2] The Super Star Destroyer received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published later in the same year.[3] In 2012, the Dominion was given an expanded history in The Essential Guide to Warfare.[1]



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