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Domino was an alias that was used by a member of the Galactic Senate during the time of the Galactic Republic.


Domino was a senator in the Galactic Senate and planned to assassinate all the other members of the senate and bring about a revolution. Under the alias of "Domino", over the course of a few months, the senator hired a number of criminals and kidnappers, who were operating in the Outer Rim Territories. They were organized into a number of different cells and Domino tasked them with planning the assassinations of hundreds of different senators who were going to be away from Coruscant on a particular date.

The senator's aide began to suspect that the senator was having dealings with Domino, not realizing that they were the same person. The aide told this to a group of agents who working for the Senate Guard Bail Falcris and the agents began investigating the senator. Domino responded by recalling Falcris and placing bureaucratic obstacles in the way of the investigation.

A Sullustan slicer who worked for Domino contacted the agents and from a computer core that the Sullustan possessed, the agents learned about the assassination plans. They went to warn the senator about them, but soon worked out that the senator was Domino. The senator then informed the agents that a capital ship was going to attack the Senate Hall on Coruscant during a Senate meeting, while revolutionary forces would rise up and kill any senators that survived.