"Those ships knew just where to find us—just like in the Dominus sector."
Wedge Antilles, to Leia Organa[src]

The Dominus sector was a sector located within the Outer Rim Territories, inside the region known as the Slice, in quadrants T-7, U-7 and U-8. It contained at least seven star systems.


The Dominus sector was located within the galactic region known as the Slice[3]—the territory between the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Trade Spine, described as the "cradle of galactic civilization"[3]—in the Outer Rim Territories and inside quadrants T-7, U-7 and U-8.[1]

The Dominus sector contained the planets Baros,[4] Dominus III,[8] Dornea,[9] Solanus,[11] Solay[10] and Trailia.[6] It also contained a nebula known as the Dark Nebula.[2]

At least one hyperspace route, Prously's Rim Run, ran through the sector, linking Baros and Dornea to the neighboring Calamari sector.[3]


The tract of space containing the Dominus sector was explored sometime between the Great Hyperspace War of 5000 BBY and the Kanz Disorders of c. 3000 BBY.[3] By 0 ABY, it was an established sector.[1] At this time, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Wedge Antilles scouted out the sector looking for a good place to establish a base. They were attacked by an Imperial force and were forced to flee.[8]

During the early years of the reign of the Galactic Empire[12]—a galaxy–spanning government meant to rectify the problems of its predecessor, the Galactic Republic[13]—the Dominus system hosted the Empirical, a hidden space station serving as the hub for the Phase Zero dark trooper project.[12] Captain Juno Eclipse, the pilot of the starship Rogue Shadow, was tortured aboard the station and declared a traitor of the Empire.[12]

In 9 ABY, Baros was attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces as part of the main effort of his campaign.[3]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, local Yuuzhan Vong forces made probes into the Dominus sector. Dornean Navy forces under the command of General Etahn A'baht successfully repelled the attacks.[14]

By 137 ABY, the Dominus sector was within the territory of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[3]

Native species[]


A Brubb.

The Brubbs were a bipedal reptilian species from the world of Baros in the Baros system. Their ancestors had adapted to the arid planet plagued by sandstorms by developing a thick skin as well as transparent membranes over their eyes for protection. The howling winds also resulted in the near–complete loss of their hearing. Baros' high gravity caused the Brubb to be stronger than what their average size of 1.5–1.7 meters suggested. Brubbs could also change their skin color, ranging from yellow to greenish–gray.[4]

Brubbs were a social species, living in communal groups known as habas, most of which were extended families raising their children and operating a specialized business together. "University" habas incorporated the best and brightest individuals from other habas, possessing technology comparable to galactic standards, especially in the fields of solar and wind power. Imperial sentientologist[4] and xenobiologist[15] Obo Rin's project Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy stated that one of the university habas made contact with the Empire through the beaming of radio signals.[4]


Admiral Etahn A'baht, a Dornean.

Originating from Dornea,[5] the purple–skinned Dorneans were a proud species with a long martial history. Their naval traditions stretched back to the time when the Dorneans were limited to their homeworld's oceans, before their mastery of space travel. The Dorneans were skilled defensive tacticians, particularly male individuals, who held the roles of caring for children.[9]

During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the Dorneans repulsed the Imperial Navy with a minimal fleet of their own. The Dorneans eventually joined the New Republic.[9]


The Force-sensitive humanoid Trailians evolved on the planet Trailia and possessed a peaceful, low–technology society by the time of the New Republic,[6] a government reformed from the Alliance of Free Planets previously existing as a rebel organization.[3] Cronal, one of Emperor Palpatine's dark side servants, discovered the world after 5 ABY and established a laboratory inside Trailia's jungles, capturing native Trailians and transforming them through genetic engineering and dark side experimentation into a race of warriors he intended to sue against the New Republic. He dispatched some of the warriors to raid other planets, which prompted the remaining Trailians to offer a reward for an investigation, thus attracting a group of offworlders to Trailia.[6]

A Force-sensitive member of the team detected the dark side signature of Cronal's laboratory and led the group there. In an engagement, they defeated the mutated Trailians and other beasts guarding the fortress, but Cronal escaped the battle along with some warriors that continued razing offworld cities before being tracked down and eliminated by the same team.[6]



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