"Will he be doing that often? If so, I suggest we store the fruit in an enclosed space."
―Haninum Tyk Rhinann, to Jax Pavan, about Kajin Savaros's destruction of the fruit[src]

Domrai fruit was a type of fruit whose insides consisted of liquid and pulp. Additionally, the fruit was edible by at least some species.[1] Around 18 BBY,[2] on the Galactic Empire's capital planet of Coruscant, a Force-sensitive Human named Kajin Savaros involuntarily used the Force to pulp a domrai fruit being held by an Elomin named Haninum Tyk Rhinann in the Poloda Place apartment of the Human Jedi Knight Jax Pavan. At the time, Pavan was training Savaros to use the Force, which led to Savaros losing control and unleashed his powers on several objects throughout the apartment—including the fruit—which splattered over Rhinann's clothing while he was in a nearby room. The event caused Rhinann to ask Pavan about whether Savaros's powers would necessitate storing the fruit in an enclosed area.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Domrai fruit first appeared in Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force, a 2009 novel written by Michael Reaves[1] with help from Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.[3] The book did not specify whether Rhinann was about to eat the fruit or not; it merely revealed that he was holding it when Savaros destroyed it.[1]

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