Donellan's Day, also called the Day of the Disposessed, was a holiday in the Lost Tribe of Sith society on the planet Kesh. It was held on the birthday of Grand Lord Nida Korsin's firstborn son, Donellan. During his mother's reign as Grand Lord, Donellan knew that upon the death of his mother, the Lord Consort would be put to death according to Lost Tribe tradition, therefore making Donellan Grand Lord by default. However, Donellan died before he came to power, and Nida Korsin subsequently ended the dynastic system of government and instituted succession based on merit. Donellan's Day served as a warning to the Sith, in order to encourage them to make their move to rise to power, instead of making Donellan's mistake of hesitating.

Donellan's Day was celebrated annually, and traditionally included events like rake-riding, during which uvak wranglers would fight to the death in the Korsinata. During the event, the High Lords of the Lost Tribe would decorate their private boxes, often trying to outdo one another.

On Donellan's Day in 3960 BBY, Campion Dey attempted to assassinate Grand Lord Lillia Venn during the rake-riding competition.

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