"I would ask Intell to dispatch Agent Clanson and any other willing operatives so that they may accompany those of us who intend to confront Barosa at the upcoming Secure Passage seminar on Dlor 3."
―Addendum by Major Sisquoc to Rebel Alliance SecuriDex datafile on Barosa Warren[5]

The Dononter sector was a Mid Rim sector that contained the Dlor and Dononter Minor systems. The former contained the astronomical object Dlor 3, and the latter contained the world Dononter Minor, which was home to the widowmaker plant. In addition, the Spar Trade Route traveled through the sector.

Dlor 3 was the scheduled site of the Secure Passage seminar around 2 ABY. Two years later, the forces of the extragalactic Nagai and Tof invaders moved along the section of the Spar Trade Route traveling through the Dononter sector.


The Dononter sector was located in the Mid Rim. By 0 ABY, it bordered the Marzoon sector Coreward, the Corbett and Semagi sectors spinward, and the freestanding subsectors of the Mid Rim in the trailing direction. The sector also formed a part of the Mid Rim's Rimward border with the Outer Rim Territories' Stensen and Zuma sectors.[1]

The Dononter sector contained the Dlor system and the Dononter Minor system.[2] The hyperlane known as the Spar Trade Route traveled through the sector,[3] connecting the Cerean system in the Semagi sector to the Zuma sector's Abbaji system.[2]


While moving Rimward as part of secondary movements of their separate invasions of the galaxy in 4 ABY, the forces of the extragalactic Nagai and Tof species traveled along[6] the section of the Spar Trade Route passing through the Dononter sector.[3]


The Dlor system contained[2] the terrestrial astronomical object Dlor 3,[5] and the Dononter Minor system hosted[2] the world Dononter Minor, which had a breathable Type I atmosphere. The latter was the homeworld of the plant known as the widowmaker, which could be used as a weapon.[4]

Around 2 ABY,[7] the Secure Passage seminar was scheduled to take place on Dlor 3. Barosa Warren, a Morellian scout and the founder of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, planned to attend the seminar. Rebel Alliance Major Sisquoc and other Alliance members who were formerly Warren's students at the Galactic Outdoor Survival School planned to confront the Morellian, who held a grudge against Sisquoc in particular and the Alliance in general, at the summit on Dlor 3.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Dononter sector was established in the StarWars.com Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry.[2] In 2012, the sector was depicted on a map designed by Modi and published in the Online Companion feature "Essential Atlas Extra: Sectors of the Mid Rim."[1]


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