Donoslane Excursions was a transport company founded by Myn Donos and Kirney Slane,[1] born "Gara Petothel" and also known as "Lara Notsil."[2]

Donoslane leased a section of Behareh Spaceport in Coronet on Corellia in 40 ABY. The co-pilot aboard the manager's personal Lambda-class shuttle was a short, furry alien.[3]

In 44 ABY, Kirney Slane used one of Donoslane's shuttles to rescue Wraith Squadron from Vandor-3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although never made explicit in the novel, Donoslane takes its name from Myn Donos and Kirney Slane, an alias Gara Petothel took after the destruction of the Iron Fist, who author Aaron Allston has said got together after the events of X-Wing: Solo Command. The co-pilot of Kirney's shuttle, however, is obviously meant to be Kolot.

Allston's implication regarding the ownership of the company was finally explicitly canonized in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, though Kolot's presence remains a mere implication.



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