Doodnik's Café was a small torpedo-shaped dining establishment located on the world known as Tyne's Horky. The proprietor, Doodnik Sharpelz, was a cantankerous Jillsarian who was usually found working behind the counter serving up Supernova or Photon fizzles.


Prior to the Galactic Civil War, Doodnik temporarily acquired ownership of the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. He put them to work as food-servers but disowned them by the end of the day when R2 began spilling drinks on the patrons.

Many of the more underhanded dealings on Tyne's Horky were brokered at Doodnik's. A Tammuz-an alien named Sollag Den once met with bounty hunter Kleb Zellock and hired him to locate the lost Tammuz-an prince Mon Julpa.

Doodnik's was also the site of a scuffle between a local miner named Jann Tosh and some thugs working under Zellock's employ. A freighter captain named Jessica Meade burst into Doodnik's and saved young Jann's life.

Doodnik liked to occasionally provide live entertainment for his customers. The Max Rebo Band was known to perform there from time to time. Doodnik once commented that a portion of the diner was owned by Kleb Zellock.

Popular menu items[]

Doodnik's had a better reputation for its drinks than its food. Among the more favorable beverages to be found at the diner were:



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