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Count Dooku owned a castle on the moon of Kohlma. Count Dooku of Serenno was known to use this lair as a base of operations during his years as Darth Sidious's Sith apprentice.


Dooku's Lair on Kohlma.

The lair, designed with distinctive pointed and thorn-like architecture, was located on top of a mountain spire. The gray interior was lined with grotesque gothic statues of unknown origin, depicting Humans (or near-Humans) holding large swords. The castle also contained at least two giant statues of boar-faced humanoids, likewise holding large swords, flanking one of the entrances. Several traps may have existed to deter unwanted guests; among them, a snake-like tentacled beast lurking under the entrance walkway, which even Dooku himself had to fend off in order to enter the lair.

Darth Sidious once met Dooku there in person only a short time after Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's election. It was here that Dooku tortured Silas to reveal information on Jango Fett, and where he held a meeting with Fett prior to the Mandalorian's recruitment as the Prime clone.

Dooku also met with Bok and Kh'aris Fenn here after his plot to put Fenn in charge of Ryloth failed.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The entrance hall of Dooku's lair.

The Unseen Planets of Episode II, an article from Star Wars Insider 80, places this particular residence on the uninhabited graveyard world of Kohlma.

The name "Dooku's Lair" first appeared on Chris Trevas' website.[3] which also confirmed that the lair was located on the Bogden Moon of Kohlma.



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