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Dooku's hangar was a hangar in the N'ge'u Valley of Geonosis used by Count Dooku before the start of the Clone Wars. The hangar was located forty kilometers from the war room used during the Battle of Geonosis.[1] It was abandoned by Dooku after the battle.


The hangar was part of a much larger facility. The facility was a factory that was used to produce aquatic weapons. The production facility ran further down the structure, but the hangar sat higher up in a tower above and was used to house Geonosian fighters. It had one launch chute on the east side of the building, and two entrances. One entrance was to the north and crossed over a fuel storage chamber. The east entrance was situated beside the launch chute.

The interior was lined with mosaic tiling that resembled Geonosian egg-nests. The hangar itself was a large cavern-like structure with several gas-release structures sprouting from the ground. The adjacent room held the fuel storage. Above the hangar level was a small maintenance room used by fighters and had five entrances leading from the room and out of the tower.


Dooku's hangar cutaway.

Originally the hangar was used as a security hangar for Geonosian fighters. It sat at the peak of a tower above a factory that was used to manufacture aquatic sonic weapons for both sides of a short civil war on the swamp world of Derenzil. Once the project was over, the facility was abandoned.

Shortly before the start of the Clone Wars, the hangar was used to hold Count Dooku's solar sailer. During the Battle of Geonosis, Dooku escaped the mayhem and journeyed to his hidden hangar on a speeder bike. Unfortunately for Dooku, he was spotted by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in a Republic gunship. They followed Dooku through the E'Y-Akh Desert to the hangar. While Dooku entered through the east entrance, they entered the hangar from the north entrance. Confronting the Count, they engaged Dooku in a duel, though Dooku quickly defeated both Jedi.

However, Master Yoda had sensed the disturbance in the Force caused by their duel and arrived. The two engaged in a battle of Force powers before resorting to a lightsaber duel. Dooku, unable to hold his own against Yoda for much longer, engaged in a ploy to escape, using the Force to knock over a gas-release trunk onto Obi-Wan and Anakin, distracting Yoda. While Yoda used the Force to save the two, Dooku boarded his ship and took off.

After the planetary battle ended, Republic Intelligence agents investigated the hangar to find clues to Dooku's whereabouts.


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