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"Doonium has been the metal alloy of choice for nearly 10 centuries in capital starship construction. The distinctive white-gray cast of the battlecraft constructed with doonium has become synonymous with serious naval power."
Harod Crimmler of the Historical Battleship Preservation Association, as quoted in Imperial Defense Daily[src]


Doonium was a heavy metal primarily used in starship hull construction. It gave ships such as those in the Imperial Navy their characteristic white-gray color.[1] Doonium was mined primarily from asteroids and other small planetoids.[source?] The Empire granted exclusive mining contracts to companies like Turlin Corp to provide the needed ore.[2]

Between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth, the Galactic Empire experienced a raw materials shortage that included a shortage of doonium. As a result, many ships languished in spacedock without proper hull plating. To clear space in the Kuat drydocks, a flotilla of Victory-class Star Destroyers was equipped with red havod alloy hulls instead of the traditional doonium.[1]

One source for the metal was the mines of the Thrugii Asteroid Belt in the Socorro system.[3] Other sources included Dor[4] and Atraken.[5]



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