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Dor Namethians were a sentient species that lived in the galaxy. Lexo Sooger, who worked as a masseur was a member of this species.

Biology and appearance[]

A blue Dor Namethian

The Dor Namethians were a species[1] of blue[2] or gray colored skin. They could release pheromones at will which had a powerful influence on others, though overuse of the ability could result in exhaustion. They also possessed a very strong sense of smell.[1]

Dor Namethians in the galaxy[]

During the Imperial Era, a Dor Namethian was present when Vullen Candroon chased Chewbacca on Marquinn.[2]

Lexo Sooger, a male Dor Namethian, was the star masseur at Zord's Spa and Bathhouse in Canto Bight.[1]



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