Allana: "Dordi, Zal—are you in the turrets?"
Dordi: "Dordi on the back…"
Zal: "And Zal in the belly."
―Allana Solo, Dordi, and Zal[src]

Dordi was a female Barabel Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, she served under Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne in the Wild Knights starfighter squadron. In 43.5 ABY, Dordi and fellow Jedi Knights Zal and Wilyem served as gunners for former smuggler Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon. They distracted Galactic Alliance forces while Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo smuggled four Jedi affected by a psychotic illness offworld in the Gizer Gut, before Galactic Alliance Security could capture the affected Jedi and encase them in carbonite. Dordi later began a nest with Sebatyne's son, Tesar, as well as Wilyem and Zal in the Jedi Temple's underlevels. Soon afterward, the Jedi left the planet Coruscant to lure the Lost Tribe of Sith into a trap, but the four Barabels remained behind. Before long, the Solos' granddaughter, Allana—who had once stumbled upon the nest with Jedi Knight Bazel Warv and had sworn with him to keep its location a secret—returned with Han and Leia, as well as Jedi Knight Zekk and the Hapan Taryn Zel, to warn the Barabels of a vision she had of the murder of their younglings. Dordi, the other Barabels, and twenty of their younglings were extracted from the Jedi Temple.


"What if we trade?"
"Trade? Trade what?"
"Secrets. I'll tell you guys a big secret. That way, Barv and I will never say anything about your nest to anyone—because then you could tell my secret."
―Allana Solo and Dordi[src]

Barabel Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne

Dordi was a female Force-sensitive Barabel who trained in the ways of the light side of the Force with the New Jedi Order. During the Yuuzhan Vong War she served under Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne in her all-Jedi starfighter squadron, the Wild Knights. By 43 ABY, Dordi had completed her training and ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. Around this time, Dordi and fellow Barabel Jedi Knight Zal began to consider starting a nest with Sebatyne's son, Tesar Sebatyne. In 43.5 ABY, a mysterious illness began to befall young Jedi Knights, causing them to believe that everyone they knew had been replaced by impostors. The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances decided to deal with the issue by encasing the affected Jedi in carbonite. The Jedi Order resented this, however, and attempted to keep as many of the ill Knights as possible hidden secretly in the New Jedi Temple on the capital planet Coruscant to be studied, rather than letting them fall into Galactic Alliance hands.[1]

To prevent Galactic Alliance Security forces from discovering and capturing these Jedi, former smuggler Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, decided to attempt to take the Jedi offworld. Dordi, along with fellow Barabel Jedi Knights Zal and Wilyem, served as gunners in the Millennium Falcon under Han and his granddaughter, Amelia, in order to distract Galactic Alliance forces in orbit over Coruscant. The Falcon broke every procedure for departing the planet, and Bolt Squadron, a Galactic Alliance squadron of XJ5 X-wing starfighters, along with the Fast Death, a Nargi-class pursuit frigate, began to chase down the Falcon. However, after maneuvering around PharmCom Orbital Processing Plant One—a pharmaceutical production facility in orbit—the Fast Death stayed behind, and was replaced by another pursuit frigate, the Quick End. Han then ordered Amelia to alert Master Sebatyne, and proceeded to tell Dordi and Zal to ready their guns and targeting computers as a bluff. Sebatyne soon arrived on the scene with a squadron of StealthXs and quickly broke up Bolt Squadron. Wilyem then fired a proton torpedo, which detonated a few kilometers off their stern. Solo pretended to corkscrew out of control toward the pursuit frigate, and revealed to the Quick End command that he had Amelia—disguised as his adopted daughter—on board. The frigate maneuvered out of his way, and Amelia reached out in the Force to Organa Solo, who quickly escaped offworld with the four psychotic Jedi in the Gizer Gut. The Galactic Alliance forces broke off their pursuit, and, their objective complete, the group made the jump into hyperspace to meet up with the Jedi at their destination.[1]

Later, in 44 ABY, Dordi started a nest with Tesar Sebatyne in the underlevels of the Jedi Temple, along with Wilyem and Zal. Amelia stumbled upon them with her friend, Jedi Knight Bazel Warv—one of the Jedi that Dordi had helped to sneak offworld, and who had since recovered from the psychosis. The Barabels at first forbade Amelia and Warv from leaving until their eggs hatched two months later, but Amelia decided to exchange secrets with them so that they would be even. She revealed to them her true identity—Allana Solo, daughter of the Jedi Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo and heir to the Hapan throne. Dordi and the other Barabels accepted the trade of secrets and allowed the two to leave.[2]

Later, the Jedi deserted Coruscant in an attempt to lure the newly-risen Lost Tribe of Sith onto the world, but Dordi and the three other Barabels stayed with their nest. When the Jedi returned and began eliminating the Sith, the Sith withdrew into the Jedi Temple. Meanwhile, Allana Solo had a vision of the Barabels' younglings being murdered, and she and her grandparents traveled to Coruscant to warn the Barabels. Dordi and the tree other Barabels killed several Sith who attacked their nest before they were met by the Solos—who were accompanied by Jedi Knight Zekk, the Hapan Taryn Zel, and a contingent of Hapan commandos. Dordi and the others were shocked that Allana had led them there, but Allana told the Barabels of her vision, and that they had originally intended to send just Warv into the Temple, but they had been ambushed by Sith and he had been killed protecting Allana.[3]

Allana Solo

Dordi and the other Barabels quickly returned to their nest to retrieve their younglings. With the help of the Solos, Zekk, Zel, and the Hapan escort, they fought their way through the Temple. The commandos suffered numerous casualties, and a few of the younglings were also killed, although twenty survived. They called for an extraction, and were met by former Imperial Remnant Head of State Jagged Fel, who was piloting the Parting Gift. The Parting Gift dropped off Master Saba Sebatyne, former Jedi Tahiri Veila, and Void Jumper Sergeant Major Gef Olazon to assist in getting Dordi and the Barabels to safety. The extraction was successful, and the Barabels' younglings were saved.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Did I say something funny?"
"Nope. They're just Barabels."
―Allana and Han Solo[src]

As a Barabel, Dordi shared a sense of humor with the other members of her species that other beings rarely understood. Much of what was said between Dordi and the others on the Millennium Falcon was taken as a joke between the Barabel Jedi Knights. Dordi kept her high spirits even when it seemed like there would be trouble.[1] She was also very protective of her nest, and along with Sebatyne, Wilyem, and Zal, was willing to force Allana Solo and Warv to stay with them until their eggs hatched. When Allana offered an exchange of secrets and revealed that if the Barabels betrayed her, she would likely be dead within a year, Dordi agreed that the secret was big enough.[2] Dordi was shocked and immediately defensive of her nest when Allana returned with her family, but she accepted the girl's vision as a serious warning.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

"Dordi, Zal, time to bluff. Bring up your guns and targeting computers."
―Han Solo to Dordi and Zal, after being targeted by Bolt Squadron and Quick End[src]

Dordi was trained in the ways of the Force as a Jedi and was also a skilled pilot, as she served as a member of Master Sebatyne's Wild Knights during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Dordi was also an accomplished gunner, although she was forbidden to open fire on Galactic Alliance ships during her mission with Solo.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dordi first appeared in Troy Denning's 2009 novel, Fate of the Jedi: Abyss, his first installment, and the third book overall, in the nine-part Fate of the Jedi series. She also appeared in Denning's Fate of the Jedi: Vortex, the sixth book in the series, released November 30, 2010; as well as Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse, Denning's third installment and the ninth book overall, released March 13, 2012.


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