Doriella's Mystress was a bulk freighter owned by the RenTrans shipping company.

Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, approached the owners of RenTrans -- the Rendar family -- about making their company a subsidiary of Xizor Transport Systems. When they refused, he arranged for Doriella's Mystress to be sabotaged, hoping to cause a crash that would damage the company and force them to accept his offer.

As the ship, piloted by the owners' son Stanton Rendar, launched from docking pad RT209 on Coruscant, a control system failed. This caused the freighter to crash into Emperor Palaptine's private museum. The resulting explosion destroyed both the freighter and much of the museum, killing Stanton in the process. Palpatine was furious and sought revenge on the grieving Rendar family for the loss of numerous Jedi and Sith artifacts that had been contained in the museum. The family's property and wealth was seized, RenTrans was turned over to Xizor Transport Systems, Rendar's parents were banished from the Core Worlds, and his brother Dash was thrown out of the Imperial Academy of Carida.



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