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"This place isn't as ugly as I thought at first."
Ben Skywalker[3]

Dorin was a dark and dusty planet in the Expansion Region. It was the homeworld of the Kel Dors, with an atmosphere of a unique gas and helium.


A Kel Dor

The planet was situated between two black holes, making access to the planet limited, while space travel for the natives was highly dangerous.[4] Dorin's atmosphere contained very little oxygen, and barely supported life, although some flora did exist on the planet. This atmosphere mix affected the evolution of the Kel Dor, requiring them to wear antiox breath masks to filter out oxygen while off-world. Likewise, many non-Kel Dors visiting Dorin would have to wear breath masks of their own for the gases they required. Humans, however, could survive at least a short time in the atmosphere without suffering any ill effects. Kel Dor society and industry largely revolved around technology. Although most Kel Dor were regarded as highly altruistic to the welfare of other beings, their justice system was strict and swift to potential criminals and lawbreakers.[4]

Dorin's weather was very powerful and relatively unpredictable. Buildings on the surface were prepared to withstand violent storms, and in times of severe weather, most places and homes were made open for any Kel Dor to take shelter in. The Baran Do used their gifts in the Force to predict weather phenomena, supplemented by satellites and other technology in the modern day.

Jedi Master Plo Koon, his uncle, and his niece, Sha Koon, were all from Dorin.


The planet was home of the Baran Do, a Force cult predating the Jedi.[13] Dorin joined the Galactic Republic in 5975 BBY, and had direct representation in the Galactic Senate. Because so many Jedi came from Dorin, the Republic funded the construction of an enclave on the planet. The atmosphere limited the regular students to Kel Dor, although many Jedi of other species visited the enclave to learn from the Kel Dor masters. While its isolation allowed the planet to remain unharmed by the Old Sith Wars, nearly all Jedi at the enclave on Dorin were killed by Sith assassins following the Jedi Civil War.[7] During the New Sith Wars, the planet was the site of a battle won by the Sith.[5]

During the Clone Wars, General Grievous led an attack on Dorin, but the Galactic Republic defeated his forces.

Dorin fell within space controlled by the Galactic Empire during the Hunt for Zsinj of 78 ABY[14] and was within the core territory of Grand Admiral Thrawn's confederation during his campaign against the New Republic in 9 ABY.[10] Dorin was outside of Imperial space by the following year, during which it was attacked by Imperial forces as part of an offensive by the reborn Emperor Palpatine's alliance of Imperial factions.[15] Dorin later joined the New Republic,[11] and the Baran Do engaged in contact and exchange with the New Jedi Order.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the planet fell into the hands of the invaders.[5] After 35 ABY,[16] the territory of the Imperial Remnant expanded, and Dorin was within the borders of the Remnant during the Second Galactic Civil War of 4041 ABY.[12] In 43.5 ABY, Luke and Ben Skywalker traveled to Dorin to consult the Baran Do and their involvement in Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side.[3]

Early in the reign of the Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, Dorin was blockaded by the Imperial Navy. The Sith then ordered that the best and brightest of Kel Dor offer their service to the Empire, or their people would suffer. As a result many Kel Dor entered the Imperial service, though the blockade remained in place. A secret route onto the world, called the Dorin Run, was discovered by smugglers, though it lay so close to the black holes, that all but the most reckless considered it too dangerous to use.[6]

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