Dorion Discus was an inconspicuous tramp freighter, owned by Neena Garnet and later inherited by her brother, Roark Garnet.


After one of its numerous battle, Roark tried to repair the Discus. His attempt was so successful, that he managed to increase the sublight speed by removing a faulty hydrovalve.[1]


When the gunslinging Neena was killed, the ship passed onto her brother, Roark Garnet. Garnet's crew included Nagraoao and Hawk Carrow.

Discus was attacked by Black Jack's pirates in Keller's Void.

At some point during Garnet's ownership, the Discus was forced to crash-land on New Bakstre by Imperial Customs cruisers while making a delivery. The co-pilot, Carrow was captured by stormtroopers of the Regina Cayli M-Class Imperial Attack Transport, which landed near the crash site. Garnet, who evaded the search parties got the the ship's infirmary and escaped with his co-pilot.[2]

Sometimes later the ship caught the attension of the Customs again, when Garnet left the planet Thorgeld with his long-lost daughter, Jill Farseeker, his father-in-law, Jackson Farseeker and the bounty hunter Tantos Dree. Dree wanted to avoid the Imperials, so when the Imperial Customs Frigate Assessor attempted to inspect the Discus, Garnet fled. The ship got a shot before it entered hyperspace.[1]

At some point Garnet crash-landed the Discus again, now on Tatooine. This time he flew with the Wookiee Nagraoao, who was wounded in the crash. Since the bacta tank and all medical supplies were destroyed, Roark got the idea of cauterizing the wound with his blaster, though the Wookiee complained.[1]

Sometime later, Garnet ran into strange pyramidal ships, which caused heavy damage in the Discus. Garnet took the ship apart and spent three days repairing it.[1]

On the next trip, the Discus flew into a meteor storm and suffered damage again. This time Garnet brought Nagroao as a co-pilot. They began repairing the ship together and passed it quite well, when pyramidal ships appeared again around the Discus with a noiseless fluctuation of the Force.[1]

Owners and operators[]

Roark Garnet[]

Garnet was one of the captains of Discus

Roark Garnet was a smuggler, who used the Discus as a smuggling ship.[2]

Hawk Carrow[]

Hawk Carrow was accompanied Garnet as a co-pilot on an unscheduled delivery.[2]

Jackson Farseeker[]

Jackson Farseeker was the Discus's navigator, when the Customs frigate Assessor attempted to inspect the ship.[1]

Tantos Dree[]

The bounty hunter Tantos Dree handled the weapons, when the Customs frigate Assessor attempted to inspect the ship.[1]


The Wookiee Nagraoao was Garnet's co-pilot, when they crashed the Discus on Tatooine.[1]



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