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Dormé, formerly known as Dorra, was a human female handmaiden in the service of Senator Padmé Amidala during the Separatist Crisis and was her most devoted aide.


Early life[]

At some point, Dorra undertook security forces training alongside Gregar Typho but stayed in the Academy to go through a modified version of handmaiden training. After Padmé Amidala's term as queen of Naboo ended and she accepted the role of representing Naboo in the Galactic Senate, Typho recommended Dorra as a potential new handmaiden.[4]

Separatist Crisis[]

Dormé traveled with Amidala to Coruscant to vote in the Senate on the Military Creation Act, an act that called for the creation of an army for the Galactic Republic to combat the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Amidala got another handmaiden, Cordé, to be a decoy. However, Amidala's ship was attacked by the bounty hunter Zam Wesell, killing Cordé and several others. Dormé went with Amidala when she went with the Loyalist Committee to discuss this attempt with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. During this meeting, Palpatine told Amidala she must hide on Naboo, despite her protests. Dormé was later present when Amidala was reunited with Anakin Skywalker, who promised to find whoever was trying to kill Amidala. After another attempt on Amidala's life, Dormé ran into Amidala's room and asked if she was all right. This made both the Jedi Council and Senate agree that Amidala was safer on Naboo. Later, Amidala was put on a transport along with Dormé, Skywalker, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Typho that took them to a spaceport in order for Skywalker and Amidala to travel as refugees back to Naboo. When Amidala said she had to leave and that Typho would protect Dormé, Dormé assured Amidala that he'd be safe with her. Seeing a tear roll down Dormé's cheek, Amidala assured Dormé she'd be fine. Dormé then said she wasn't worried about herself, but was worried that the killer would find out that Amidala had left Coruscant, with Amidala responding that her Jedi protector would have to prove how good he was.[2]

With Amidala gone, she helped in the Galactic Senate by settling Naboo's affairs.[1] Soon after, the Clone Wars began.[2]

Clone Wars[]

In 21 BBY, she was unable to supervise Amidala's negotiations with the Arthurian delegates as she had to go home to Naboo for family matters.[5]

Later, Amidala went to Ahsoka Tano to ask her to help instead. When she told her she had other security, she said that Typho would be there but Dormé was not. She said that even though she had other handmaidens, she wanted her. Tano ended up accepting and saved her life after Cato Parasitti tried to kill her.[5]

Dormé later accompanied Amidala on a mission to Clabron to planet Clabron. Initially, she was responsible for piloting Amidala's starship to their destination before the Senator insisted she take over, explaining that she desired to avoid any accountability for her handmaidens should their mission go awry. Dormé soon joined Moteé in the cabin, where her counterpart inquired if she was aware of the relationship between Amidala and Skywalker. Dormé remarked that the Senator and Jedi Knight both lacked subtlety, suspecting it's why they got along so well before reminding Moteé of their duty to keep Amidala's confidence.[6]

Upon their arrival, Amidala noted the landing platform was deserted. A shadowy figure hidden behind a door warned the three Naboo to leave, shortly before Moteé was shot in the shoulder. Dormé provided cover fire so Amidala could move Moteé, but was annoyed when the Senator went towards the door instead of the ship. Rejoining her companions, Dormé accused the figure, Second Minister Tarmin, of being involved with the ambushed, which he denied. Amidala then convinced Tarmin to allow them inside to treat Moteé's words, where she subsequently had words with a mortally wounded Grand Minister Stin. Sometime afterwards, Dormé and Moteé escorted a disguised Tarmin as Amidala's decoy back to their ship, while the Senator ambushed the assassin, Lis Mohles. Dormé then personally dragged Mohles up the boarding ramp to bring her back to face Republic justice.[6]

Towards the end of the war, Dormé accompanied Amidala and Moteé on a diplomatic mission to the planet Clabron. On arrival, they were ambushed by an assassin and Moteé slapped him on the shoulder. They fled inside the building, where Amidala managed to strike a deal with the new minister. They then ambushed the sniper and captured him so they could return to Coruscant.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Dormé had brown hair, brown eyes and light skin.[2] She was very devoted to Amidala.[1] During the Separatist Crisis, when she was about to part with Amidala, she expressed her concern over Amidala's safety.[2]


Dormé wore a gray tailored dress and coat.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Dormé was portrayed by Australian actress Rose Byrne in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[2] Though not actually visible in the film, Dormé was scripted to have quietly laughed during Anakin Skywalker's outburst of frustration while Padmé Amidala packed to depart from Coruscant.[8]



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