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"Though it was not part of the Rebel Alliance, Dornea has its own heroes from the fight against the Empire."
Admiral Ackbar[src]

Dornea was the homeworld of the Dornean species.[5] It was located in the Dornea system of the Dominus sector, which bordered the Calamari sector out on the Slice.[1]

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"The Dornean Navy successfully defended Dornea's independence throughout the reign of Palpatine, against Imperial forces several times as large."
Leia Organa Solo[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, Dornea defended itself with the Dornean Navy and resisted successfully against Imperial forces.[2]

Having been heavily damaged in the Battle of Endor, the lead ship of the Dornean-made Braha'tok-class was later transported to the planet to serve as a war museum.[4]

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