Dorset Konnair was a Human female who flew an A-wing as part of General Edor Crespin's training group Blue Squadron, alongside what would become Wraith Squadron, on Folor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When the Zsinj Star Destroyer Implacable attacked the base, Konnair and her wingman Tetengo Noor along with Wraiths Kell Tainer and Hohass Ekwesh were sent to scout out Admiral Apwar Trigit's forces before the full squadron attack. Although overly confident of the speed of their A-Wings Konnair as Blue Nine and her wingman Tetengo Noor (Blue Ten) lost the race to their assigned scouting point to the Wraith's X-Wings, claiming they had to go back to the base to retrieve Noor's dinner. Konnair subsequently helped fleeing transports buy time to escape by impersonating the Millennium Falcon through flying in close to her wingman while continually shifting shield strength to hide the sensor profile of their A-wings.

Later she played the role of Princess Leia using an encryption which was known that Zsinj's forces had already cracked. This ploy succeeded in luring away the capital ship. Later in the hunt for Zsinj, Konnair was Polearm Seven in the A-Wing Squadron assigned to the Mon Remonda.

Konnair was from Coruscant, and had multiple tattoos in shades of blue, most noticeably a starflare tattoo covering one eye. She was often quiet at pilot gatherings due to perceived mistrust from other New Republic pilots towards Coruscant natives. She survived the final battle against Iron Fist and received a commendation at the end of the campaign, after which she and the remnants of her squadron were reassigned to Coruscant for rebuilding.

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