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"Why are you helping us, sir?"
"Because I am a Jedi and I can. You don't deserve destruction."
3D-4 and Dorsk 82[1]

Dorsk 82 was a male Khommite Jedi Knight and clone of Dorsk 81 from Khomm. After the martyrdom of his predecessor and the devastating assault on Khommite civilization by Admiral Daala, Dorsk 82 decided to leave his homeworld behind and pursue the path of a Jedi.


Life on Khomm[]

When Dorsk 81 left Khomm to pursue Jedi Knighthood, Dorsk 82 stayed behind and took his place in the cloning center. Dorsk 81 later came back to Khomm before he and Kyp Durron snuck into the Deep Core to find out what the Imperial Remnant was doing. Dorsk 82 tried to convince Dorsk 81 to stay, but Dorsk 81 knew he had to follow his duty. When the Imperial Forces later attacked Khomm as a show of their power, Dorsk 82 was on his way home from the Cloning Center. The attack and the lack of defenses on Khomm was the first step in Dorsk 82's own quest to become a Jedi.[2] After overseeing the training of his replacement at the cloning center, Dorsk 82 departed for Yavin 4.

Jedi Knight[]

Dorsk 82 at the grave of Dorsk 81

"I want to learn to fight like that!"
"Then I'll help you to become a Jedi—but don't expect it to be easy!
―Dorsk 82 and Kyp Durron[3]

Though he attended the Jedi Praxeum, he was plagued by doubts as to his worthiness and ability to become a Jedi. He was taken under the wing of the extremely talented but repentant Kyp Durron and formed a solid friendship with him. Together, along with Kirana Ti and Streen, they took part in the mission to Corbos, where they defeated the Leviathan, an ancient Sith creature. During this mission, Dorsk rediscovered himself and gained confidence in his own abilities.

Dorsk was later promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. He attended the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in 20 ABY along with many other members of the Jedi Order, where he raised his yellow lightsaber in congratulations.

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

Dorsk 82 at the wedding of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker

" I do not intend to be destroyed."
―Dorsk 82[1]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Dorsk was killed by an Aqualish in the city Imthitill. He was attempting to protect a crowd of thirty-eight droids from a mob wanting to appease the Yuuzhan Vong. Standing alone against the mob, he tried to reason with them. When a security speeder arrived with the local enforcement agency, it appeared he might be able to resolve the situation in an attempt to pacify the Yuuzhan Vong.

Instead, the Aqualish destroyed the ship (including its pilot Hhen and 38 droids) when they found out it contained no other Jedi. Wanting to capture him alive to hand over to the Vong, Dorsk 82 refused to surrender and was eventually cut down by blaster fire. He died without fear, however, in true Jedi fashion.

During the mission to Corbos, Dorsk 82 used a blue-bladed lightsaber, however by the time of Master Skywalker's wedding, he used a yellow-bladed lightsaber.

Behind the scenes[]

In The New Essential Chronology Dorsk 81 is mistakenly said to have been killed twice, on Yavin 4 and then again on Ando. The Dorsk who died on Ando was of course Dorsk 82.



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