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The Dorumaa Excavation was an archaeological site located in Dorumaa, a moon of the planet Almas in the Cularin system.

The Excavation was a island, only surfacing in the lowest tide, for two weeks every year (one year in Dorumaa lasted 8,784 standard days). One research expedition before 47 BBY discovered supposed writings in the wall of a conjecturally-artificial cave, as well as several presumed proofs of an intelligent, native culture in the moon predating the colonization of the system.

Soon afterwards, the Dorumaa Investment Group closed the Excavation to any civil affair, refused to allow any further resarch and built a floating landing platform.

The researchers nevertheless still had their reports. The documents ended in Rorkee, a floating city of the nearby gas giant Genarius. To increase tourism, Rorkee decided to build a reproduction of the Excavation, based on the reports. The simulated Dorumaa Excavation opened in 46 BBY and continued for at least 15 years. In 31 BBY, Sullustan archaeologist Blibbie served as a guide to the simulation, although he himself could not imagine how to interpret the marks in the wall.

That same year, a group of people from the Usable Resource Location, Recovery, and Development Corporation intended to kidnap the newest employee of their company, Dr. Shilaea Motacc, and force her to design the weapons they wanted to use. To perform the abduction, they simulated a natural cave-in in the Dorumaa Excavation Simulation. Dr. Motacc, an archaeology aficionado, had been awarded with a vacation at Rorkee and she was eager to visit the Excavation. The criminals recruited Blibbie and several dig workers, to avoid accidental deaths. Although the operation was relatively successful, Dr. Motacc was later rescued by independent agents sent by U.R.L.R.D. manager Fesvk Wefos.


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