"You have to hand it to the investment group here. They take a disaster and turn it into a unique selling point."
Kal Skirata[src]

Dorumaa Investment Group was a consortium which funded the terraforming of the moon Dorumaa and owned Dorumaa Resort. Members included SoroSuub, power players on Genarius, and trading houses on Cularin and elsewhere in the Cularin system. Many members of the consortium chose to remain anonymous, known only by an account number, because the Dorumma project was not unanimously considered profitable or even safe. Voting on issues was usually conducted through proxies.[1]

Following the Investment Group's research, the optimal control span in resorts is of five subordinates, and as such each of the managers had five subordinate sentients reporting to him or her. The head manager was Human Mar Daghreb.[1]

Around 32 BBY, one of the newer members of the Investment Group, only known as Identification #43641, increased its investments to build a floating landing pad in the middle of the sea, intended as a drop-off point for deep-sea fishing. However, no ships were seen in the area and it was apparently only used at night. Some paranoids had correctly assumed that #43641 was related to another newly-arrived presence in the system, the Thaereian military.[1] The platform was located over the Dorumaa Excavation, a supposedly artificial cave that, if the archaeological reports were to be believed, held proofs of ancient, sentient civilizations that had lived in the planet. The Dorumaa Investment Group had held it closed for years, but only in 31 BBY #43641 himself made a public announcement saying that the supposed proofs were false. Nevertheless, the Group still refused to allow public access to the Excavation.[2]

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