"Return the Bright Star to the Mustafarians. They may be able to heal the damage done by Lady Corvax. My Lady Corvax. She tried to save me from death. I was cursed, trapped between this world and the next."
―The Black Bishop[src]

Dorwin Corvax, also known as the Black Bishop, was a male individual who was the husband of Lady Corvax.[2] At some point, he fell in battle, and Lady Corvax attempted to use the Bright Star to bring him back to life but instead turned Mustafar into a hellish wasteland,[1] leaving her husband caught between the real world and what came after. Due to his situation, Lord Corvax had the ability to both suspend time[2] and teleport.[1] At some point during the Imperial Era, he helped Darth Vader in his quest to bring Padmé Amidala back to life,[1] though his true intentions were to retrieve the Bright Star from Vader and return it to the native Mustafarians, freeing himself from his curse.[2]

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Corvax first appeared in the first chapter of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, a three-part virtual reality series created by ILMxLAB. Referred to as the Black Bishop for certain portions of the game, his true name is revealed by the Priestess in a flashback cutscene.[1] Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin later clarified the spelling of this name on Twitter.[3]

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