Doshan was a planet in the Drannik sector of the Expansion Region. It was on the Coth Fuuras—Nessem hyperlane between the Namadii Corridor and the Hydian Way.[2]


In 7811 BBY, the planet was associated with Waymancy Hollow. During the Waymancy Storm, raiders from Doshan fought with Waymancy forces against the Galactic Republic, and were present at the Battle of Mittoblade.[4]

Some time before 2 BBY, Doshan was colonized by a group of Trandoshans. After the establishment of the Galactic Empire, however, Human colonists attempted to settle the planet with Emperor Palpatine's permission. Violence erupted between the Trandoshan and Human settlers, and elements of the 501st Legion were deployed to separate and pacify the two sides. Stormtrooper platoons deployed to Doshan's equatorial landmass, especially around the Arakka waterway. Many Trandoshans were killed in the subsequent fighting.[3]


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