The double-bladed sword was a melee weapon that had a grip in the center with two long blades emerging from either end. It was capable of dealing more damage than a regular sword, but it was less precise. It predated the use of the modern vibroblade and vibrosword. Based in part on the quarterstaff, a weapon of earlier origins, the double-bladed sword consisted of two blades set at opposite ends of an oversized hilt.

Somewhat ungainly because of the extra weight in the blades, the double-bladed sword required more strength and finesse to wield than conventional blades or quarterstaves, but it was remarkably effective in melee combat when used by an expert. The Wookiee warblade, the Sith war sword, and the Zhaboka were types of double-bladed sword. A powered and modernized version of this weapon was called the vibro double-blade, and a version later used in the Rise of the Empire era was called the double vibroblade. The principles of wielding this weapon were similar to the wielding of a double-bladed lightsaber.

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