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A double vibroblade

The double vibroblade was basically two vibroblades attached to a central, twisted hilt. It was a weapon that was difficult to master, but deadly once fully trained with it. It was similar in name and design to the ancient vibro double-blade except that it did not have the cortosis-weave enhancements.

The double vibroblade was the weapon of choice for the Imperial Sovereign Protectors, which were the elite Royal Guards.[1] They were used by Royal Guards Carnor Jax[2] and Kir Kanos. Double vibroblades were used in duels between potential Royal Guards in an arena called The Squall on the planet Yinchorr. In fact, the Squall was where Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax had their final duel using the double weapons.[3]

Darth Vader once borrowed a double vibroblade to demonstrate his skills against Burr Danid, who was the best student in the Imperial Royal Guard Academy at the time, on the Squall. He proved just as deadly with the weapon as he was with a single lightsaber.[4]



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