"I'm incident commander. I say how and when anyone goes in."
―Dovel to Omega Squad[src]

Dovel was a male Human police officer who lived on the planet Coruscant. He served with the Coruscant Security Force and, by the beginning of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Dovel had reached the rank of Lieutenant. In 22 BBY, Dovel was the Incident Commander of a hostage situation at the Galactic City Spaceport initiated by Korun terrorists. As a senator was one of the hostages, the Senate Guard had sent a detachment under Commander Jaller Obrim to assist the CSF. With the high publicity, Clone commando Omega Squad was sent to assist as well. Dovel, who debated with Commander Obrim over who had control of the scene, was at first against storming the spaceport and preferred to wait until a Jedi negotiator, Jedi Master Kaim, arrived. However, the terrorists killed Master Kaim during the negotiations. After that, Dovel gave Omega Squad the go ahead to storm the building. They did so and were able to take out the terrorists, ending the siege.[1]

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Dovel first appeared in Omega Squad: Targets, a short story written by Karen Traviss and published in Star Wars Insider 81 in March 2005.


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