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"I've been on my own since I was sixteen. I had no choice."
"I understand. That is the destiny of most Dowutins."
Nysorly and Grummgar[5]

The Dowutin were a species of large humanoids that were native to the frigid planet Dowut, which was located in the Core Worlds. Dowutins were known for their great size and strength, facial horns, and long lifespans.

Biology and appearance[]


A Dowutin Jedi

The Dowutin species evolved from a type of omnivorous herd animal on the planet Dowut. They were large, aggressive-looking humanoids with chin horns, sharp claws, and thick skin[11] that were commonly brown in color[2][12] and had poor eyesight but superior senses of hearing and smell. Dowutins had large fingers with claw-like points at the tip, although these were more comparable to tusks due to their thickness and bony complexion. Capable of living hundreds of years, Dowutins never stopped growing. Individuals who had lived two decades were about the size of Wookiees, and those who lived to their fifth century could weigh up to a metric ton[10] and were typically so massive that their loud footsteps and voices warned other species away.[9] The largest recorded Dowutin weighed over two tons and stood over four meters tall.[10]

Society and culture[]

The Dowutin species was native to the frigid[10] Core Worlds planet of Dowut near the Unknown Regions[9] and spoke the Dowuta language. They were often solitary.[10] Young Dowutins were forced to fend for themselves from an early age[11] upon being thrown out of their nest. Forced to survive in the wild and the colds,[13] those who quickly learned hunting skills survived.[11] Their size and strength made them prized as hired muscle, but most Dowutins' pride dissuaded them from such work, as they viewed other species as weak.[9]

Rumors existed that Dowutins did not ever die due to old age, instead perishing in battle or greeting death by other means.[10]


Dowutins were known for their mercenaries.[1] One Dowutin was a part of a gladiatorial program run by the Xonti Brothers. They put the Dowutin through harsh training that killed three of the other members. It faced off with the other remaining member, a Wookiee named Krrsantan, and was struck down in one punch.[14]

A female Dowutin known as Masana Tide[15] was originally a member of the Jedi Order before she joined Emperor Palpatine's Inquisitorius program and later became known as the Ninth Sister.[12] Grummgar, a member of this species, was present at Maz Kanata's castle with the spy Bazine Netal just before the First Order attacked the castle.[16]

Behind the scenes[]

Maz castle cross section

Patrons of Maz Kanata's castle, including Grummgar

The Dowutin were first pictured in a Vanity Fair article released on May 4, 2015 which included a group photo of characters in Maz Kanata's castle from the production of the then-upcoming film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[17] The species made its first appearance before the release of The Force Awakens with an expansion added to the mobile game Star Wars: Commander.[1]


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