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The sentient Dowutin species evolved from a species of non-sentient, omnivorous herd animals native to Dowut,[1] a Core Worlds planet. The animals were migratory and moved across their homeworld's frozen plains in search of the substantial amounts of sustenance needed to sustain their large bodies.[2] This included tubers, insect nests and dens of hibernating feeks, all of which they used their spiked fingers and chin tusks to dig for. These digging elements were retained in the morphology of the Dowutin during their evolution.[1] Following the evolution of the Dowutin, large herd animals not dissimilar to the precursor species still roamed the frozen plains of Dowut.[2]

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The precursor species to the Dowutin were first mentioned in the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Aliens of the Galaxy, which was written by Jason Fry.[1]

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