Dra III was a planet in the Outer Rim's Wyl sector that was known for its dangerous wildlife. Groundquakes and severe storms were commonplace on Dra III, and the weather, combined with high gravity, created strong and powerful fauna. Sport hunters frequently visited the world looking for trophies—the six-legged predator known as the nashtah was the most famous of Dra III's native beasts, and was sometimes used as guard beasts offworld.


A mountainous Outer Rim world, Dra III was located in the Wyl sector's Dra system, on the very edge of the Corporate Sector along the Authority Guardian Corridor. Dra III was constantly racked by groundquakes and hurricanes,[1] and its high gravity resulted in heavy and strong inhabitants.[3] Dra III's perilous and chaotic weather produced similarly dangerous wildlife, and the world was renowned for its dangerous and uncontrollable beasts. The most well-known of Dra III's fauna was the nashtah, also known as the Dravian hound, as it was the only of the world's native animals to ever be domesticated. Tireless six-legged predators, nashtahs were sometimes seen in the wider galaxy as guard beasts for gangsters.[2] Cal-serpents and fullors also stalked Dra III's landscape, themselves keeping to the forests and plains.[1]


During the later years of the Galactic Republic, Dra III was visited by the famed Republic scout Barosa Warren, who received a scar on his right arm from a nashtah attack on the planet.[4] By the era of the Galactic Civil War the planet had become renowned as a destination for sport hunting due to its dangerous local wildlife,[1] and had produced one export: the Kell Mark II heavy assault rifle, a powerful, yet outdated firearm.[3]

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Dra III was first mentioned in Han Solo's Revenge, a novel written by Brian Daley and released in 1979.[5]



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