"With Gelba gone, I call the shots. And I say Gelba's death calls for blood!"

Draado was a bearded Human male miner living on Doan around 980 BBY. Draado dug up Sith artifacts on Doan, which he claimed as his own. Around that time, the planet's mining caste came into conflict with the Doan Royal House, a conflict which escalated with the death of Prince Gerran and the assassination of the mining caste leader, Gelba. Although Draado had originally called for diplomacy rather than violence, the Sith amulets and talismans corrupted him, making him believe that the mining caste needed to go to war with the Royal family.

Meanwhile, the Dark Jedi Set Harth arrived on Doan, searching for the artifacts that Draado had dug up. He was led to Draado by a Rodian bartender, Quano, and he attacked the miner, quickly killing the four rifle-carrying guards stationed at the scene. However, with the help of the talismans, Draado called on the dark side of the Force to bring a stalactite down on Harth. Harth then drew his lightsaber and threw it, killing the other miners present; only Draado managed to dodge the attack. Harth, however, then choked Draado through the Force, killing him. Harth then stole the artifacts from Draado's body before leaving for his home on Nal Hutta.


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