The Draay Trust was a financial trust owned by the Draay family, allied with Adascorp and Czerka Arms. It was established by Barrison Draay as a way to continue making fortunes for charitable causes, as well as for holding the family fortune for any non-Jedi Draays. But in secret, the Trust funded a secret cabal of Jedi.

Along with Adascorp, in 3963 BBY it bought the Telerath Interstellar Banking Initiative, before later selling most of its shares in it to Adascorp. But it was really a ploy to lure the fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick out into the open should he contact his father.

After the First Battle of Omonoth, the Draay Trust filed in Adascopolis for the right to take over Adascorp.

Haazen had the Draay Trust buy Vanjervalis Systems for its designs on a formation. He forced a little addition in the design past the admiralty with a direct link to him.



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