"The trouble is like in old Selonian saying. 'The agreed-to we do at once. The inevitable can take a little while.'"
―Dracmus, patiently trying to unite Selonia against the Overden and the Sacorrian Triad[2]

Dracmus was a female Selonian and a member of the Hunchuzuc Den living on Corellia. As with all Selonians, she was bred for a single task, which in her case was negotiating with alien races. By Selonian standards, she was well acquainted with foreign customs, but her understanding of Human society was still flawed. She was pivotal in ending the Corellian Insurrection, as she dealt with Han Solo during the crisis in 18 ABY.


Early conflicts[]

"Glad I did not kill you in the fight."
"The pleasure is all mine."
―Dracmus and Han Solo[1]

During the First Corellian Insurrection, the female Selonian Dracmus was captured by Thrackan Sal-Solo, the leader of the Human League. She gave him a promise that she would not attempt to escape, and as Selonians could not easily break their promises, Thrackan trusted her. He allowed her to be removed from her cell and fight his cousin Han Solo. However, Han was familiar with Mandaba, the Seloian language, and was able to convince Dracmus to go easy on him during the fight without Thrackan catching on. Though he was battered and knocked unconscious, he won Dracmus's trust. The two were placed in the same cell following the battle, to the amusement of Thrackan. The two talked about the massive interdiction field that prevented anyone from leaving or entering the Corellian System in hyperspace, and possible escape plans. When the Hunchuzuc Den staged a rescue by digging through the floor, Solo was allowed to come along.[1]

Han Solo battles Dracmus

Dracmus and Solo then traveled deep into the Selonian Tunnels under Corellia, into areas which Dracmus acknowledged no non-Selonian had ever seen. The two crawled through the tunnels for days, eventually boarding a primitive Selonian cone ship to take them to Selonia. Dracmus revealed to Solo that the Hunchuzuc Den was one of a handful of rebel clans fighting against the Selonian Overden, which sought independence from the New Republic. The Overden and the Hunchuzuc Den were involved in a dispute that was part military confrontation, part debate, and part public relations.[1]

The two were joined by Salculd, who piloted the Selonian vessel. The coneship traveled through the system to Selonia, where they encountered the ship Jade's Fire, piloted by Mara Jade and Leia Organa Solo, Han's wife. However, they also were met by Overden LAF-250 starfighters. The coneship, outdated and lacking any weapons of sufficient shields, was severely damaged. Thanks to Han's mechanical genius, they managed to survive a controlled crash. Once on the planet, the Humans learned that the Overden had discovered the all-important planetary repulsor, giving them victory. Dracmus attempted to negotiate with the Overden. The key representative for the Overden was a female by the name of Kleyvits. However, as her side had control of the repulsor, Kleyvits was in a position to make demands—specifically, Selonian independence.[2]


The three Humans were kept as captives and questioned for a time, but together they reasoned that the Overden must have had outside help to control the repulsor. During one of their interrogations, Han questioned Kleyvits about who was operating the repulsor. Kleyvits was unable to answer, to the shock of Dracmus, who seized upon the opportunity and demanded to know. Kleyvits revealed that her allies were the Selonians of the Sacorrian Triad, who had been exiled generations ago. The fact that the exiles were helping completely destroyed the Overden's credibility and shifted the balance of power. Dracmus now had the upper hand, as the Sacorrian Selonians had been utterly dishonored among their exile, and it was a shame to be associated with them.[2]

During the Battle of Centerpoint Station a short time later, Dracmus was in heated negotiations with the Selonians of the Triad, another delicate public relations battle, to persuade them to hand over control of the Selonian repulsor. However, the process was too slow, prompting the trader Mara Jade to make a suggestion: a bribe. With a hefty bribe, she was able to convince the Selonians to part with the instructions for the repulsor, allowing young Anakin Solo and a team of Bakuran engineers to fire the planetary repulsor on Drall and prevent Centerpoint Station from destroying another star. The Triad, Overden, and their ally Thrackan had lost. Corellia remained a part of the New Republic, thanks to the Solos, Luke Skywalker, Gaeriel Captison and the Bakuran fleet and Dracmus.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Have you ever given a straight answer in your life?"
"What, exactly, are you meaning by straight answer?"
―Han Solo and Dracmus[2]

Dracmus was a kind individual who cared greatly about her Den, and who wanted to help the New Republic. She hated Thrackan Sal-Solo for the crimes he committed, and helped his cousin, Han Solo, as he was not cruel like Thrackan. Despite the fact that she was trained to deal with Humans, she did not understand many Human ideas or values, such as how cousins could be so different, as Selonians in a Den were similar to "hive-minded" individuals like the Taurill. She took many Human expressions literally, such as when told to "keep her shirt on", she questioned Han what shirt she should wear, and why. Dracmus also followed orders striclty, refusing to answer any questions from Han when she was told to reveal nothing of importance to him. Still, she did her best to help Han Solo, and showed her caring nature when she allowed him to come with her when her Den rescued her from Thrackan's clutches. Like all Selonians she cared about her family, but did not mourn when one of her sisters died, as she had hundreds, something Humans found odd.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dracmus appeared in Assault at Selonia, the second book of Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, and the final book of the series, Showdown at Centerpoint. To date, these are her only in-universe appearances.



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