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"Let me tell you something about Draedans, Princess. I'm one of eighteen brothers and twenty-two sisters—which makes mine a shamefully small family. I have more cousins than I can count in every town within five hundred kilometers of here."
―Aurelant, to Leia Organa[src]

Draedans were a species of sentient humanoids native to the aquatic planet of Sesid. They had green skin, red eyes, and sharp teeth, and were known for having large families. During Operation Yellow Moon, Leia Organa and her Rebel team made contact with the Draedan Aurelant, captain of the Daggadol—a subaquatic vessel crewed by Draedan pirates who opposed the Galactic Empire. Aurelant and his crew aided the Rebels in avoiding Imperial capture on Sesid and escaping off-world.[1]

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Draedans first appeared in the Star Wars Legends book Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens — Enemies and Allies, a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published in 1995.[2] The species was later canonized in the 2015 novel Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure of the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens multimedia series.[1]



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