The Dragon Pearl was Jiliac the Hutt's personal starship.

Originating as a heavily-armed Minstrel-class space yacht, the Dragon Pearl had undergone modifications to be able to hold six Z-95 Headhunters and two shuttles. Unlike her nephew Jabba, Jiliac was very diligent about keeping her yacht combat-ready, and promptly replaced any lost starfighters.

Commandeered by Mako Spince, the Dragon Pearl would serve as the smuggler fleet's flagship in the defense of Nar Shaddaa in 4 BBY. It was commanded by Mako and piloted by Ana Blue in the battle. The yacht sustained very heavy damage when it fought the Carrack-class light cruiser Vigilance in the opening stages of the battle, but managed to batter down the larger ship's shields so that Drea Renthal's pirate ships Minestra and Too Late Now could move in and crippled the cruiser. Later in the battle, the Dragon Pearl and a single Y-wing starfighter managed to cripple the Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser Liquidator in a surprise attack from behind. Following the battle, Mako and Ana spent some time in hiding on Smuggler's Run, in case Jiliac was angered by the damage to her yacht.

However, Jiliac was so obsessed with motherhood that she did not even notice that her beloved ship had been damaged. Attempting to get Jiliac out of a maternal slump, Jabba the Hutt later had the ship restored to operational status.



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