"Lord Krayt's Dragons -- you'd best withdraw your fleet and troops, Admiral Veed."
Darth Stryfe[src]

A Dragon ship was a capital ship that served in the One Sith. Manufactured in secret alongside Emperor Krayt's Annihilator-class starfighters, these ships were unveiled in 138 ABY, when the deposed Krayt returned to Coruscant to reclaim his throne from his "most trusted" servant.


Dragon ships silhouetted against Coruscants sky.

Krayt used several of these ships to travel to Coruscant, bringing along Darth Talon, Darth Nihl and a host of Sith troopers. The ships orbited the world while Krayt traveled to the surface, where he toppled the reign of his usurper, Darth Wyyrlok and killed him in battle.[1]

Months after the Dark Lord of the Sith had reclaimed his throne, Krayt's Dragons were unleashed during the Sith attack on the Hidden Temple of the Jedi. Like the Annihilators, the Dragons cut through both Sith Imperial and enemy ships.[2]

Dragon ship firing on the Alliance over Coruscant.

Dragon ships were also deployed during the Battle of Coruscant in 138 ABY. After the conclusion of the Second Imperial Civil War, these ships were ordered hidden by Darth Nihl as part of his plans for the future of the One Sith.[3]


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