The Dragonbane Circuit was located in the crystal swamps of the Agrilat region on Corellia. Unlike the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, the Dragonbane circuit was truly dangerous, for more than one reason. The circuit was among the more obscure swoop racing circuits in the region and used by the swoop gang the Black Seraphs, who would frequently organize illegal swoop races on the circuit.


The circuit consisted of only six legs, but these were immensely hazardous, passing through razor-sharp crystal grass, crystalline outcroppings, deadfalls, and piles of wreckage. It was not uncommon that local wildlife would venture into the track and attack the swoop racers. The maximum altitude was only 10 meters.

The six legs were:

Black Seraph activitiesEdit

Few people knew that the Black Seraphs' races were in reality ruses to attract novice racers and rob them of their belongings. Along the circuit, the Black Seraphs had placed several deadly traps that would cripple or kill the racers. Racers that were only wounded by the traps would either be murdered by the Black Seraphs or simply left for dead.

The leader of the Black Seraphs, Sunny Bounder, would win most Dragonbane races due to a combination of skill and the dirty tricks of the Black Seraphs. Even if no racers were caught in the traps, the Black Seraphs would still harvest the 200-credit entrance fee that participants in the races had to pay.


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