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"It's not too late to live the life of a hero. To be powerful."
"I'm already more powerful than you, Tremayne."
―Antinnis Tremayne and Drake Lo'gaan[src]

Drake Lo'gaan was a Human male Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. Apprenticed to Master Roron Corobb, Lo'gaan participated in the galaxy-wide conflict, but was separated from his master during the Battle of Coruscant. During the battle, Corobb was slain by General Grievous, leaving Lo'gaan without a master. Soon after, Anakin Skywalker sent Lo'gaan to Felucia to aid in the ongoing battle on that world. There, he met Ekria and Zonder, fellow masterless Padawans, and he witnessed the enactment of Order 66. Fleeing back to Coruscant with his new friends, he lived his life on the run from the Inquisitorius, particularly Antinnis Tremayne.

The trio of Padawans eventually became freelance crime-fighters in Coruscant's underworld, and were involved in a Black Sun plot. Though they thought themselves safe at first, their dealings with Prince Xizor put them in grave danger, and resulted in the death of Zonder at the hands of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Lo'gaan and Ekria sought revenge, and planned to assassinate Vader on Tepasi, but they had a contingency plan in place, in case the attempt failed. Lo'gaan unsuccessfully dueled with Vader, but survived the encounter thanks to trickery on Ekria's part, and the pair were able to live their lives in solitude, believed dead by the agents of the Galactic Empire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Padawan Learner[edit | edit source]

Accepted into the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Order as an infant, Drake Lo'gaan, as per normal protocol, was trained as a youngling in the hopes of becoming a Jedi Knight's Padawan. At the age of eleven, he fared well in the Jedi Temple Apprentice Tournament, garnering the notice of Jedi Master Roron Corobb. The Ithorian Master accepted Lo'gaan as his apprentice.[2][1]

The Clone Wars[edit | edit source]

Drake Lo'gaan finds his master, slain, during the Battle of Coruscant.

―Drake Lo'gaan upon finding his Master's corpse[src]

Together, Master and Padawan embarked on several missions during the galaxy-wide Clone Wars. During Corobb's final mission, however, the pair would be separated. The Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded Coruscant, with the intent of capturing Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Corobb was one of the Masters tasked with defending the Chancellor, while Lo'gaan was left to fight the invading armies. As the battle began to wind down, Lo'gaan, on a speeder bike, sped to the Chancellor's safe house and engaged a cadre of General Grievous's IG-100 MagnaGuards. While he was fighting them, however, a group of clone commandos under the command of Stass Allie dispatched the droids. Allie, one of the other Masters tasked with defending the Chancellor, had lost contact with Masters Corobb, Moudama, and Ti.[3]

Waiting to gain entry to the safe house, the group heard a scream of anguish from within. Realizing that Grievous must be inside, the group hurriedly entered into the bunker, searching for the occupants. Meeting up with Mace Windu, they reached the main area of the bunker, only to find Shaak Ti incapacitated, with Masters Corobb and Moudama slain. Neither Grievous nor Palpatine were in sight. Lo'gaan, distraught, cradled the body of his dead master. Palpatine would eventually be rescued by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the Confederacy forced to retreat.[3]

Battle of Felucia[edit | edit source]

Drake Lo'gaan in combat on Felucia.

"Drake, you're off to Felucia. May the Force be with you."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

As the Clone Wars continued to rage, Lo'gaan stayed at the Temple, masterless, but he resolved to personally hunt down and destroy Grievous. He met Skywalker in the Temple one day, and asked him if he could join in the hunt for Grievous on Utapau. Skywalker explained that Master Kenobi had been chosen to hunt the General instead, but the Hero With No Fear sympathized with Lo'gaan. Lo'gaan accompanied the Jedi Knight to the staging grounds, where Skywalker gave the Council's orders to Stass Allie. Allie was to deliver reinforcements to Felucia, where Shu Mai had released deadly toxins into the water supplies. Skywalker, making an executive decision, told Lo'gaan to go with Allie, and join the Felucia task force.[3]

At Felucia, Lo'gaan met up with Masters Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee with the 327th Star Corps, as well as fellow Padawans Ekria and Zonder. The Padawans were tasked with securing a water supply station at Jiaozi, while the two masters dealt with the cities of Niango and Har Gau. Lo'gaan, showing initiative, devised a plan to lure away the Felucian resistance guarding the plant. The Selonian Zonder roared loudly, causing the Gossam and battle droid guards to attack. After a brief skirmish, Lo'gaan and the troops feigned a retreat, leading the enemy further into Felucia's jungles. They were able to reach the station before the planet wide toxins had reached it, allowing Ekria to halt the advance of the poisonous fumes. However, she was not able to access the other stations remotely.[3]

Order 66[edit | edit source]

"I have a bad feeling about this."

While Ekria was still attempting to shut off the toxin flow, the Padawan's signal to the Masters was jammed. Ekria attempted to bring the first-person cameras built into the clone trooper helmets up on the station's viewscreen, but as she did, she detected a message from Coruscant, bearing Confederate encryption. As Ekria attempted to decrypt it, the Padawans witnessed the murder of the Masters on the viewscreen. Shocked and saddened, the Padawans sought an answer to the sudden reversal of the clone troopers' allegiance. Ekria finally decrypted the message: a hologram ordering Commander CC-5052 to "execute Order 66." Shortly thereafter, the Padawans received a top-priority message from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, telling them that the war was over, and that they were to return to the Jedi Temple.[3] Realizing that the clones were now on the hunt for Jedi, the Padawans were able to flee Felucia and return to Coruscant undetected.[1]

Fugitives from the Empire[edit | edit source]

"How long has it been since we evaded the clones on Felucia? Since we saw Barriss and Aayla murdered? It feels like years…I'm not even sure it's been months."
―Drake Lo'gaan[src]

On Coruscant, the Padawans struggled to survive under the New Order. Jedi were considered enemies of the Galactic Empire, and were to be killed on sight. As such, the Padawans had to limit their use of the Force to a bare minimum, so as to avoid detection. The group began to believe they were the only Jedi left in the galaxy, but Ekria had faith that they were simply in hiding, and would return to Coruscant to right Palpatine's wrongs.[1] To start with, the trio infiltrated the abandoned Jedi Temple, and Ekria erased all traces of them from the Jedi Archives.[4] They sought refuge in the Coruscant Underworld, but barely scraped together enough credits to feed themselves. Lo'gaan ventured into local gambling dens, influencing the outcome of dice games to his favor, so that the group was able to buy food. One time, in the Uscru Entertainment District, Lo'gaan was detected as being underage, and stormtroopers swept in to apprehend him. He was aided in his escape by Zonder and Ekria, but he had to use the Force to quell the stormtrooper advance. Ekria would later reprimand him for such an action, and chastised him for gambling.[1]

COMPNOR and Inquisitor Tremayne[edit | edit source]

Ekria decided that the Padawans would have to change their tactics, so they wouldn't be betraying the ideals they had grown up with. She told Lo'gaan and Zonder to get honest jobs. Lo'gaan, aged 13, with no documentation, guardians, and a death mark on his head, was skeptical as to his ability to get a job. Wandering into Employment Center D4176, he was told by several members of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order that he was in a Non-Human Only area. Passing himself off as "Jodd Sonta," he was led by the COMPNOR members to the Jrade District and separated from Zonder.[1]

At the Jrade District, Lo'gaan attended a COMPNOR Sub-Adult Group function, hosted by Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne. During a speech, Tremayne preached Human superiority, and claimed that Palpatine had great faith in the Sub-Adult Group. He also mentioned that SAGroup members would be above curfew, and that there were several career openings available for members. Lo'gaan, interested, joined the SAGroup. However, his presence was detected by Tremayne and his fellow Inquisitor Halmere, if not his identity.[1]

Lo'gaan meets Onnelly Praji.

Ekria disapproved of Lo'gaan's career choice, but the young Padawan passed it off as an infiltration mission. He was able to provide Ekria with ample credits, and Zonder was doing well in his new job as a construction worker. Ekria claimed that she preferred the gambling, but Lo'gaan objected, claiming that he appreciated the respect that the COMPNOR uniform attracted. Wary, though, the Padawans found a new hiding place.[1]

Lo'gaan, or "Sonta," was assigned to security detail, at transport platform DN6-4435. There, he met Onnelly Praji, a young girl who was departing for "Emerald Splendor," a resort where Zonder was due to be shipped in several days' time. As Praji departed, Lo'gaan was ordered by a dock hand to not mix the girl's belongings in with those of the Non-Humans. When Lo'gaan learned that the belongings of the Non-Humans were to be liquidated, he realized that Zonder was going to become a slave. As he attempted to flee the platform, he was set upon by stormtroopers, who had been ordered by Tremayne to detain him. Tremayne had discovered that "Sonta's" backstory didn't quite match up, and so the Inquisitor deduced that he was the elusive Jedi.[1]

Reaching Ekria's new hideout, Lo'gaan marveled at the sheer size of the location. Apparently, an elderly widow from Qiilura had bequeathed her apartment to the Jedi Order, and Ekria had manipulated the holding rights to her favor. She informed Lo'gaan that his cover was blown at COMPNOR before showing him the arsenal of weaponry and armor that she had compiled. Disguising himself with a modified clone trooper helmet, he set out with Ekria to rescue Zonder.[1]

Lo'gaan duels with Inquisitor Tremayne.

The pair successfully infiltrated the slave ship, but Ekria was unable to pinpoint Zonder's exact location. While Lo'gaan worked through Zonder's possible locations, he encountered Inquisitor Tremayne. Tremayne, taunting Lo'gaan, revealed Zonder to be on Level Nine of the ship, and Ekria, who had been listening, hurriedly traveled there. She saved Zonder, who insisted on liberating his fellow slaves. Meanwhile, Lo'gaan engaged Tremayne in a lightsaber duel, with the Inquisitor goading the Padawan with promises of respect and power. Lo'gaan did not falter, however, and with a swift kick to Tremayne's jaw was able to defeat the Inquisitor. Tremayne was not to be bested, however, and ordered the execution of Zonder. Inquisitors Halmere, Ap-Llewff, and Pasiq were dispatched to stop the slave riot, but were soundly beaten back by Zonder and Ekria. Stormtroopers began to open fire, and Tremayne ordered the lockdown of the ship.[1]

Lo'gaan was reunited with his friends, and they were able to reach a skiff to escape, but Lo'gaan doubled back. He found Praji, and told her of what the Empire planned to do with the aliens. He surmised that if she went with them on the slave ship, she would never return. Tremayne finally caught up with Lo'gaan before he could tell her anything else, but the Padawan quickly jumped out a nearby window, escaping the Inquisitor's wrath. The three Padawans then returned to their new home, safe for a while.[1]

Dealing with Black Sun[edit | edit source]

"If you run from a pack of akk dogs, they will chase you until you're dinner. But if you stand firm and look the lead dog in the eye, they will ignore you out of respect. Do you want a normal life again? Do you trust me?"
―Drake Lo'gaan[src]

Seeking to keep a low profile, but still serve the role of Jedi Knights, the Padawans prowled Coruscant's underworld, working as crime fighters. Lo'gaan took on the adopted alias of "Spike," with Ekria as "Blue" and Zonder as "Paws." One night, they stopped a band of Nashtah Gang thugs from robbing an Omwati couple, Kodo and Aleema Finn. Prince Xizor of Black Sun was targeting the Finns, as a way of getting himself promoted to vigo. When Ekria learned of Black Sun's involvement, she called in Lo'gaan and Zonder, who were out saving a local shopping mart.[5]

Lo'gaan and Boushh are surrounded by Imperial Stormtroopers.

Drake and Zonder went to the Finn residence, and told them of the Black Sun element. However, the bounty hunter Boushh, who had been hired by Xizor to succeed where the Nashtahs had failed, burst into the residence, using explosives. Zonder escorted the Omwati couple away from the scene, while Lo'gaan stayed and fought with the Ubese hunter. While they were grappling, stormtroopers burst into the residence, surrounding the two combatants. Tremayne strode in, demanding that "Sonta" surrender, but Lo'gaan quickly jumped out a nearby window, evading the Inquisitor in much the same way as he had in months prior.[5]

Reunited with Zonder, the Finns, and Ekria, Lo'gaan learned that Kodo Finn had been dealing with TaggeCo, to the disadvantage of Xizor Transport Company. The Padawans knew that Xizor Transport was actually a Black Sun front, explaining the attacks. The group journeyed to Xizor's headquarters, where they battled guards and droidekas. Entering the Prince's office, Lo'gaan was able to convince Xizor to discontinue the bounty on Finn's head, and allow him to leave Coruscant, in exchange for TaggeCo intelligence. Xizor agreed, but warned Finn to never return. Xizor had left tracking devices on the Padawans as they left, hoping to glean the location of their hideout, but Ekria was able to locate them, and attached the devices to a set of rodents, throwing off the trail. Following the ordeal, Lo'gaan realized that it was not Tremayne he would have to confront to end the chase, but Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith.[5]

Ending the game[edit | edit source]

"The Selonian is dead. The girl is dead. You are all alone… perhaps the last of the Jedi. It is useless to resist. Give in to your anger. Give in to your hatred."
Darth Vader and Drake Lo'gaan[src]

Xizor was not so easily shaken, however, and eventually, he captured Zonder. Lo'gaan and Ekria traveled to his last known location, seeking clues. By this time, Zonder had been delivered into the clutches of the Inquisitorius, and Darth Vader. Vader took Zonder's communicator, and activated it, transmitting a holographic image of what was transpiring inside the Inquisitorius headquarters to the Padawans. Lo'gaan looked on in horror as Zonder dueled with the Dark Lord, a one-sided duel resulting in the Selonian's decapitation. Distraught, Lo'gaan resolved to destroy Vader.[6]

Lo'gaan prepares for his showdown with Darth Vader.

Lo'gaan trained hard for his predicted encounter with Vader, while Ekria tracked down the Dark Lord's location. She determined that Vader would be leaving for Tepasi from platform NL1922. She also learned that Vader's intent was to confront Baron Tagge, over a political dispute. As the pair departed for NL1922, Ekria detonated several charges within their home, effectively destroying it. A Low Altitude Assault Transport, carrying Inquisitor Tremayne. The Inquisitor, with the help of Imperial Intelligence Director Armand Isard, had tracked down the location of the remaining Padawans. A harrowing chase ensued through Imperial City, until Lo'gaan finally reached NL1922. Ekria was forced to escape, though, due to the heavy fire from the gunship. Sure enough, Vader was making ready to depart when Lo'gaan landed on the platform. Cutting his way through Vader's stormtroopers, Lo'gaan was eventually subdued by the Dark Lord's Noghri bodyguards.[6]

The captive of Vader, Lo'gaan was subjected to the Dark Lord's tales of the Jedi Rebellion as the shuttle sped towards Tepasi. Vader also knew Lo'gaan's real name; a fact that piqued the young Padawan's curiosity. Though Lo'gaan did not know it, Vader was in fact Anakin Skywalker, transformed and twisted into a Sith by Palpatine. He told the young Padawan that the Jedi had been plotting to overthrow Palpatine, and that Mace Windu and Shaak Ti had slain Roron Corobb, not Grievous. He also told Lo'gaan that Anakin Skywalker had been murdered by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Vader then invited Lo'gaan to join the Inquisitorius, but unlike his earlier encounter with Tremayne, Lo'gaan began to have second thoughts.[6]

Vader arrived on Tepasi, demanding to speak with Baron Orman Tagge, while Lo'gaan was kept in tow. Meanwhile, Ekria, who had managed to commandeer the freighter Casuistic, was able to convince the Baron to inspect the foundries. Vader found the Baron, and began to throttle the unarmed Tagge. Lo'gaan was outraged, and threw away all doubts he had about Vader. The Dark Lord ignored him, however, and proceeded to blind the Baron with his lightsaber. At that moment, Ekria, who had made her way to Tepasi, revealed herself, and opened fire on the Imperials. She threw an electromagnetic grenade at Vader, incapacitating the Dark Lord and disabling Lo'gaan's binding cuffs. CC-5052 (Commander Bly), who had been given the opportunity by Vader to finally complete his mission from Felucia, barged into the room with his troops, and opened fire on Ekria. Ekria was struck by the blaster fire, and seemingly perished in the attack.[6]

Drake duels with Darth Vader on Tepasi.

She was, in fact, wearing an industrial conducting suit that dissipated the shots, but the troops continued to believe her dead. Feigning rage, Lo'gaan viciously attacked CC-5052 and his troops, incapacitating them. He then collapsed, seemingly distraught. Vader loomed over him, goading him to give into his anger and embrace the dark side of the Force. Lo'gaan responded by activating a nearby magnet, which grasped Vader's lightsaber, before the Dark Lord crushed the machine with the Force. However, Lo'gaan was able to get to Vader's saber first, while the Dark Lord was forced to call upon the fallen Ekria's saber. Unbeknownst to Vader, Ekria had in fact altered the workings of her saber to give it approximately the same power as that of a youngling's training saber. Vader began dueling with Lo'gaan. Though Lo'gaan was much younger and less experienced than Vader, he was able to hold his ground until CC-5052 shot him in the back. Vader, realizing that Lo'gaan could not be converted, stabbed the Padawan in the chest, with what the Dark Lord believed to be a fatal strike. Lo'gaan plummeted to the depths of Tagge's foundries, apparently dead.[6]

When the Imperials left, however, the two Padawans revived, and made their way off Tepasi on the Casuistic. They then retrieved Zonder's body, and took it back to Selonia, his homeworld, and gave him a Jedi funeral. There, Lo'gaan and Ekria renounced their Jedi ways and abandoned their names, hoping to live in anonymity through Palpatine's New Order.[6]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Drake Lo'gaan was an energetic and headstrong young man, traits that either impressed or exasperated his peers. He was an adept and skillful fighter, and able to spar with the best. His confidence, however, evolved into anger when his master was slain by Grievous on Coruscant. He looked up to Anakin Skywalker, the Hero With No Fear, and would not hesitate to quote his teachings later in life. His initiative usually served him and his companions well, although it sometimes led him into grave danger.[2][3][1][6]

He, along with his friends, thought himself among the last of the Jedi following Order 66, even though that was not the case. He had no qualms in cheating people out of their money, so long as they were able to survive, but Ekria soon changed his view on the matter. When he joined COMPNOR, he savored the respect he was given, claiming that it reminded him of his time as a Jedi. Eventually, Lo'gaan dedicated his skills not to preserving himself, but helping others in need. In his time as a crime fighter, he willingly risked his life for the safety of total strangers, and asked for nothing else in return. When helping the Finns, he put his identity in jeopardy, a choice that would later result in the death of his friend, Zonder. That choice is likely what embittered Lo'gaan to such a point where he sought nothing but revenge against Darth Vader; he trained incessantly for his confrontation with the Dark Lord, even with his saber on full strength, which was a dangerous practice.[6][5][3][1]

Lo'gaan was constantly tempted by offers of power and respect, by Tremayne and Vader, respectively. He shunned Tremayne without a second thought, but Vader's stories of the Jedi Rebellion began to sway him. When he saw the Dark Lord's true nature during the blinding of Baron Tagge, however, Lo'gaan had no doubts about where he stood with the Sith.[6][1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Lo'gaan was an adept swordsman, using his lightsaber effectively on battlefronts such as Coruscant and Felucia. He was able to defeat General Grievous's IG-100 bodyguard droids, which were sometimes capable of felling the most experienced Jedi Masters. He also used his saber to great effect battling the defenders of Felucia. Lo'gaan was a highly skilled duelist as well, and was able defeat Antinnis Tremayne, a man far older and more experienced than he was. He was also able to stand his ground against Darth Vader, a feat accomplished by few. On the run from the Empire, Lo'gaan wielded a purple-bladed lightsaber.[5] Lo'gaan had the ability to survive severe falls, an ability he used often on Coruscant. He could also use the Force to influence dice games to his advantage.[3][6][1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"…and Drake is, well, a teenage boy who thinks he's invincible."
―Thomas Hodges[src]

Drake Lo'gaan was created by Paul Ens for the 20042005 webstrip, Reversal of Fortune. Appearing as a supporting character in the ensemble "cast" of Reversal, Lo'gaan would become the central character of the sequels, Evasive Action: Recruitment, Evasive Action: Prey, and Evasive Action: End Game, released through 2006. In all of his appearances, Lo'gaan has been drawn by Thomas Hodges.

In March 2013, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series depicted Barriss Offee as a traitor to the Jedi Order, in the timeline preceding the events of Reversal of Fortune. The change to Offee's character brought into question whether she still involved in the operation on Felucia, in which Lo'gaan took part. Holocron continuity database manager Leland Chee has stated that Lucasfilm Ltd. has not yet made a decision about how the Reversal of Fortune material would be retconned, though he personally could not see Offee returning to the Jedi Order in time for the events of the comic.[7] Until official confirmation is provided, this article preserves all material from Reversal of Fortune as canon.

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