Drakka's Diner was an eatery in a dangerous region of Shaketown, in the planet Gorse where the Besalisk Drakka worked as a chef.[2]

The location was frequented by Kanan Jarrus as well as other local residents.[2]


When an Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle landed in front of the place, Drakka had to close it for an entire day. The diner was destroyed when the Imperial shuttle exploded.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide states that Kanan and Hera met on Gorse six years prior to the events of Star Wars Rebels, referring to the events of A New Dawn. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas states that Rebels starts in the year 5 BBY and so using basic maths it can be concluded that the events of A New Dawn take place eleven years before the Battle of Yavin in 11 BBY.
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