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"For a thousand years, he has taunted and tortured me. But now, salvation is at hand."
―Dramath, referring to his centuries-long imprisonment by Vitiate[src]

Dramath was a male Sith Lord of the Old Sith Empire, who ruled over the planet Medriaas in the years before the Great Hyperspace War. Possessing little ambition and content to live a hedonistic life ruling his own fief, Dramath unwittingly gave rise to one of the greatest evils in galactic history when one of his many illegitimate children turned on him and condemned Dramath – and ultimately Medriaas – to oblivion.


Old Sith Wars[]

According to legends circulating among the Sith at the time of the Old Sith Wars, Lord Dramath had a son, Tenebrae, with one of his subjects, a poor farmer's wife. Upon learning of Tenebrae's existence, Dramath ordered his mother to drown her newborn but his mistress secretly defied him. Years passed and when Tenebrae's stepfather, having figured out the truth of his wife's affair with Dramath when Tenebrae manifested Force-sensitivity (as neither he nor his wife were Force-sensitive), attempted to attack his wife, Tenebrae snapped his stepfather's neck. The young Sith then tortured his mother before eventually killing her. Dramath utterly ignored Tenebrae until his son was the age of ten, then confronted Tenebrae to decide whether he should execute or enslave the boy. Unfortunately, as Dramath discovered to his horror, Tenebrae had already surpassed him in power. Tenebrae killed Dramath, whereupon Marka Ragnos recognized him as Lord Vitiate of Medriaas, which Vitiate renamed "Nathema". Some years later, following the Sith's defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, Vitiate initiated a dark ritual that consumed all life on the planet, rendering it devoid of the Force, and making Dramath's illegitimate son effectively immortal. Vitiate would go on to declare himself the Emperor of a revived Sith Empire, and eventually and secretly developed the Eternal Empire with himself as the Eternal Emperor Valkorion.

Dramath's spirit, imprisoned in a holocron

With none left on Nathema to remember him and all records of the planet purged to keep his dark deeds a secret, nobody suspected that Dramath was not entirely dead. Vitiate had in fact kept his father's spirit within in a powerful holocron and tortured him for over a thousand years, keeping the holocron in a secret vault beneath a structure called the Sanitarium, the only habitable structure on Nathema. As the centuries wore on, Dramath, in a twisted sense, became the closest thing Vitiate had to a confidante.

Encountering the Outlander[]

"Have you come to torment me again? No. I sense his presence but it is faint. Distant. You are not Tenebrae."
―Dramath to the Outlander[src]

In the year 3630 BBY, Valkorion's vault was opened by the Outlander, Lana Beniko and the Anomid scientist Jarak to escape a death fog that Valkorion's daughter Vaylin had unleashed whilst attempting to undo the damage Valkorion had done to her mind. The Outlander investigated the holocron and released Dramath, who related his story and connection to Valkorion to the Outlander and Beniko. He told the pair to take the holocron, stating that it would help destroy Valkorion, and asked to be freed from his torment.

Although the holocron resisted Beniko's best efforts to understand exactly what it actually did, the Outlander was able to use the holocron in the final confrontation with Valkorion, enabling Dramath to have some hand in ending the menace Tenebrae had become.

Behind the scenes[]

Dramath is first mentioned in the 2011 The Old Republic: Revan novel and later makes his first appearance in the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion.

Gameplay alternatives[]

In Chapter VII: Into The Void of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, Lord Dramath appeared when the player and Lana Beniko discovered the holocron. Dramath asked to be released from his torment, but Beniko suggested that they keep Dramath in the holocron in case he had more information on Valkorion.

Dramath assists the player against his son only if the player made a Dark Side option previously

The player can choose to free Dramath and allow him to pass on, earning light side points and disapproval from Lana. Alternatively, the player can choose to keep Dramath bound to the holocron, earning dark side points and Lana's approval. The latter option will allow Dramath to verbally spar with Valkorion and act as a temporary companion in Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne. Since no other companions are available during the fight with Vaylin's spirit, Dramath's presence makes the fight much easier. Dramath will sacrifice himself to weaken Valkorion directly, but the Outlander will gain assistance in the next phase.