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A tomb was constructed on the Outer Rim planet Rekkiad to honor the Sith Lord Dramath the Second following his death. It was built inside one of the Twin Spears. Many years prior, Dramath, accompanied by a handful of fanatically loyal followers, fled his homeworld of Medriaas when his half-brother Vitiate launched his campaign to take over the planet. Dramath and his minions came to Rekkiad, and when the Sith Lord died, his servants created his tomb which was hidden inside the Spear so that his enemies would be unable to find and desecrate his remains. The tomb's entrance was located on the top of the Spear and consisted of a small durasteel door located near the center of the plateau on top of the Spear. The passage descended about thirty meters to the floor, where a narrow tunnel continued horizontally with a slight descent deep into the heart of the Spear. The tomb itself was a large circular chamber about thirty meters across hewn from the rock, with the only feature being Dramath's crypt. Eventually, a minion of Vitiate's with the help of Mandalore the Ultimate found the tomb and removed Dramath's remains for his master. Later, shortly after the Battle of Malachor V, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak came to Rekkiad where they discovered the tomb and a datacron which contained information about Dramath. Afterwards, they planted Mandalore's Mask in the sarcophagus.

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