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|es=Dramath el Segundo
|es=Dramath el Segundo
|pl=Dramath Drugi
|pl=Dramath Drugi
|ru = Дреймат Второй}}
[[Category:Sith Lords of the Sith Empire]]
[[Category:Sith Lords of the Sith Empire]]

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Dramath the Second was a Sith Lord of the ancient Sith Empire. Dramath the Second was the son of Dramath the elder, who ruled the world of Medriaas prior to the Great Hyperspace War. During his father's reign, villages on Medriaas began falling to the Force-sensitive youth Tenebrae, who eventually gained enough power to challenge Dramath the elder for the right to rule the world.

Unbeknownst to many at the time, Tenebrae was, in fact, the elder Dramath's illegitimate son, and therefore Dramath the Second's half-brother. After killing their father, Tenebrae sought to destroy Dramath the Second as well, but the Sith Lord fled Medriaas with a group of followers, and made a new life on the snow-swept world of Rekkiad.

Dramath the Second eventually died on Rekkiad, and his disciples entombed him in a hidden crypt found in the first of the two plateaus that comprised the Twin Spears. Over one-thousand years later, a Sith working on behalf of Tenebrae was led to Dramath the Second's crypt by Mandalore the Ultimate.



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