"Dranae Shai hurt his foe badly, but scoring on the bones of his hip joint suggests he was greatly hurt in return. I found no evidence of a killing stroke to his remains."
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Dranae Shai was a Warrior of the Yuuzhan Vong. A member of Domain Shai, Dranae and his younger cousin, Neira, were sent by Commander Shedao Shai to recover the body of their ancestor, Mongei Shai, on Bimmiel. However, Dranae and Neira were unable to locate his body, as Bimmiel's magnetic field interfered with their search. When Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode came to rescue two members of Anki Pace's research team, Corran and Dranae engaged in combat, with Corran all but severing Dranae's right leg and Dranae's amphistaff biting the Jedi Knight. However, the cauterization of the lightsaber did not kill him, and Dranae, like a true warrior of Domain Shai, refused to let the pain stop him. In the end, Corran induced slashrats to attack Dranae, tearing the warrior to pieces. When Shedao Shai found his and Neira's corpses, he vowed that he would kill Corran Horn.

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