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"That's the thing about destiny. If something is fated to happen, you may as well relax when you get the chance. Almost certain doom can wait till tomorrow."
―Dray to Finn Galfridian[3]

Dray was a former Human male Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. The apprentice of Jedi Master Salmara, he was part of a mission involving the renegade Sith Lord Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Opress. On Moorjhone, he saved the life of Master Judd from Maul, but was wounded as a result. He later lived on Nar Shaddaa in exile as the Order was being destroyed everywhere across the galaxy and the Galactic Republic became an Empire under the Sith.

At some point, Dray fell to the dark side of the Force. As the Yuuzhan Vong War began in 25 ABY, he saw visions of the enemy crippling the New Republic and the New Jedi Order. To prevent this, he believed that the contemptible Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya must die, as seen in another vision.

When discovered by the latest Jedi trainee Finn Galfridian, Dray manipulated him into becoming his apprentice and used him to get to Fey'lya. He almost succeeded on Coruscant, but Finn realized this deception and stopped him before fleeing the planet.


The Clone Wars[]

Dray, a Force-sensitive male Human, was taken in by the Jedi Order and trained in the ways of the Force. After a time, Dray was selected as the Padawan of Jedi Master Salmara. In 20 BBY, Dray and his master were summoned by the Jedi High Council in order to be sent on a mission pertaining to the Sith Lord Darth Maul, who had recently been revealed to have survived his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dray questioned his master on the subject, claiming that there was no way that Maul could still be alive after being cut in half, but Salmara assured him that the hatred within Maul was certainly capable of such a thing.[1]

Dray's Master, Salmara.

After the pair arrived, the Jedi Council then tasked Salmara, along with Master Judd, with discovering the motives for Ja'Boag—a Gossam with ties to the Commerce Guild—placing a bounty on the heads of both Maul and his brother, Savage Opress. Salamara wondered how someone outside of the Jedi Order could possibly know that Maul had lived; Mace Windu told her that this was precisely what they needed to find out, while at the same time treading lightly around someone as powerful as Ja'Boag. Judd asked what they were to do if they discovered the actual location of the dark side brothers, and Grand Master Yoda told him that Kenobi was already tracking them, but they should assist him if they could. Windu also tasked Salmara and the others with uncovering why the native population of Moorjhone had fallen silent since Ja'boag's mining company arrived there. He urged the trio to follow the Force and act accordingly.[1]

Maul and Opress also traveled to Moorjhone and arrived before the Jedi, slaughtering many of Ja'Boag's security forces and flinging Ja'Boag off a balcony. The Jedi arrived just in time, and Salmara caught Ja'Boag with the Force, saving his life. As Judd ignited his lightsaber, the two Zabrak brothers looked down on them from above—Opress was concerned that they had been discovered while Maul was filled with malicious delight.[1]

After Salmara saved Ja'Boag, the Gossam ordered his troops to attack, but Salmara urged them to wait. She then attempted to negotiate with the Sith brothers, asking them to surrender. Opress responded by telling her that they would all die, and Judd mocked Salmara for her "good diplomacy". The Nightbrothers attacked, slaughtering Ja'Boag's troopers. Judd threw himself in their path, clashing his lightstaff against their blades. Maul reacted quickly, bashing his lightsaber hilt against Judd's snout, causing blood to spray out. Judd surprised the two Zabraks by knocking Opress on his back and deflecting Maul's counterattack. He then mocked Maul for his lack of legs, but Opress unleashed his rage, knocking both combatants away.[4]

Dray stayed by Salmara's side as she flung a large container at Opress, and though Maul warned him, he lashed out without a thought, opening the container—which was full of carbonite. Opress was instantly frozen solid, to Maul's horror. Judd again mocked Maul for his cybernetic half, but Maul grabbed Judd's right arm in his mechanical foot and snapped it. Maul then told Judd that he would have liked to have taken longer killing him, but Dray rushed forward and stabbed Maul from behind. Maul slashed at Dray, severing both of his hands and flung them away. As Dray fell to his knees, Salmara and the corporate troopers gave chase, but Maul managed to escape by pulling down the tunnel upon her pursuers.[4]

Dray and Judd were taken to a medical bay, where Doctor Tresfor saw to their wounds and managed to reattach the young Padawan's hands, then submerging him in a bacta tank.[4]

As soon as Dray recovered from his injuries, with his hands still in bandages, Maul attacked the mining facility with an army of manipulated Moorjhoni at his side.[5] Despite Salmara's objections, Dray insisted that he join his master to prevent Ja'Boag's escape from his facility, while Judd went to confront Maul outside. Soon, the Jedi had Ja'Boag cornered in his control room seconds before Maul arrived and trapped them. The Sith Lord used the Force on the controls to release Opress from his carbonite prison. It took a moment for Dray to realize what was happening and tried to warn Salmara, who was right behind Opress, but it was too late; the towering Zabrak stabbed her in the back, leaving her seriously wounded.[6]

Holocron Gate-keeper[]

"I foresaw that we would meet. I am Dray. This is my holocron. It was by my design that it comes to you. For what I know is meant for you and you alone.…"
―Dray's holocron to Finn Galfridian[7]

Many years later, at some point before or during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Dray had a vision about the future of Finn Galfridian, the latest Padawan of the New Jedi Order and incorporated it in his holocron and made the information only accessible to Finn. He then set in motion a plan to get the holocron to him. The holocron also included information on Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators wearing ooglith maskers.[2]

Meeting the Prophesied Prince[]

"Every future I see, you are there is something about you…you will stand against these creatures…"
―Dray to Finn Galfridian[3]

In 25 ABY, Finn Galfridian traveled to Nar Shaddaa in search of information and encountered Dray, who initially had difficulty recognizing the young Jedi.[2]

As a holocron gate-keeper, Dray would later warn Finn about someone close to him being revealed for what they truly were and Tsalok hunting him. He also told Finn to travel back to Artorias.[8] On the way back from Artorias the holocron activated again, and told Finn that his past was now behind him and that he must come to Dray to learn his purpose.[3]

When Finn arrived on Nar Shaddaa, Dray went looking for him and found him lying on the ground. Finn's droid, Prowl, explained that he had passed out. Dray was able to wake Finn. Finn admitted that Dray wasn't what he expected. Dray responded by saying that Finn what was he expected as he had been appearing to Dray in visions for a long time. When Dray took him into his room, he sensed a feeling of loss in Finn. Finn confided in him about his father's death, and asked Dray how he knew. Dray revealed to him that he had foreseen the event, along with the Battle of Coruscant and the destruction of the Jedi Praxeum. He foresaw that the galaxy and the Jedi would survive these atrocities but not a weapon that the Yuuzhan Vong were currently creating, and that Finn was the only one who could stand against this weapon. When Finn suggested that Dray alert Master Skywalker to the threat, he refused, admitting that he and Skywalker did not see eye to eye. Dray told Finn that if Skywalker pooled all of the Jedi to stand against this threat, then there would be no one to stop the Yuuzhan Vong.[3]

Visions and Assassins[]

When Dray received a vision of Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya being killed by Yuuzhan Vong, he and Finn traveled to Coruscant. He tasked Finn with locating the disguised Vong agents as he waited for word. He helped get Finn out of lockup when he was captured and was soon contacted to confront the Vong, led by disguised Imperial Remnant ambassador Yarmond. Finn was at a disadvantage but soon realized that the Vong had no wish to harm Fey'lya as his cowardice made it easy to manipulate him. Suspicious, Finn questioned Dray's motives. Dray revealed his arrival by beheading one of the Vong with a red-bladed lightsaber and answering that he wanted the Vong out of the way, implying he was there to kill Fey'lya.[9]

Finn saw what his teacher was and did as much as he could to stop Dray. Because Captain Kopri of the Palace Guard knew "too much" of what was transpiring and tried to have her killed, yet she and Finn managed to escape. Before going after both Finn and Kopri, Dray put Yarmond out of his misery with his blade.[10]

Later, Kopri arrived with guards at her side and demanded that Dray surrender, but the fallen Jedi had murdered the Guards with Force lightning and went after both Finn and Kopri. He caught up with them in the hanger bay, where he threw his lightsaber at Finn. However, Prowl sacrificed himself for his master as he intercepted the path of the lightsaber's blade, causing it to impale him. Dray grabbed a hold of the ship with the Force and tried to persuade Finn to join him and rule the galaxy by his side, but the young Galfridian declined and Force-pushed Dray, causing him to lose his grip on the shuttle. Watching his prey escape, Dray left, taking Prowl's remains with him.[10]

Later on, Dray watched in disgust as Finn's mother, Queen Nina Galfridian, revealed her true Vong form via HoloNet.[10]

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Personality and traits[]

As a Padawan, Dray had been skeptical on the mysteries of the Force. One example was when he claimed the impossibility of Darth Maul surviving sai tok. Salmara did her best to explain to the boy about what the dark side could do. The often humorous-looking Dray always sought to help his master, and sought her proximity. He got on well with her and seldom questioned her because he wanted to learn from her. He had the courage to attack the former Sith Lord Darth Maul as he threatened to overpower the Jedi Master Judd and easily coped with the loss of his hands. When his master was killed by Savage Opress, the anger took over in him, so he gave himself to have his revenge against him.[1]Despite his very young age, Dray was especially brave when he saved an injured Judd from Darth Maul's blade.[4]

Following the Great Jedi Purge, Dray suffered a severe gunshot wound on his head. The consequences of this wounding and his loneliness drove him crazy and developed a tendency to tantrums. He therefore turned to the dark side of power. Dray learned the ability to generate power bolts and did not hesitate to use them against sentient beings. His dark side strength made him powerful enough to stop a spaceship from launching. Dray set himself the goal of dominating the galaxy. As the Yuuzhan Vong stood in the way of realizing his intentions, he regarded them as enemies and sought their destruction. He knew that he needed the young Jedi Finn Galfridian to prevent the completion of a powerful weapon of the invaders. He made no attempt to convert him, but could not prevent his escape. Nevertheless, he was convinced to find Finn again. He categorized the extragalactic species as living beings because their loved ones were invisible in power. So he considered Luke Skywalker's defensive approach to the invaders wrong.

Powers and abilities[]

During the Clone Wars, Dray was considered by Judd to be strong enough in the Force to go up against Darth Maul and live.[4]

Dray was one to experience Force visions, though at an awkward capacity. The vision with the fall of Coruscant was so strong that it knocked him across a room in his hideout.[3]

When he had revealed his dark nature, he fired a series of Force lightning at a squad of New Republic Palace Guards, killing them in a matter of seconds.[10]



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