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"The job will cost 5,000 credits"

Drayk was a Human male who served as an abbot at the Dim-U monastery during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Drayk was concerned with order and precision, and he controlled the monastery with a military style. Although he was the abbot of the monastery, he was not overly concerned with the belief of Dim-U, and the monks under his command were involved in an illegal transponder-slicing business, using the religious building as a cover. He used a GoCorp JL7 Elixir Hoverscooter for transportation around Mos Eisley, after a speeder accident rendered him paralysed from the waist down.[1]

He knew Beeyon Nace, and assisted him after he was blackmailed by Kollan Xa and the Ccalras Corporation.[2]



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