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"Dreddon is the Outer Rim's arms dealer of choice..."
―Aurra Sing[src]

Dreddon was a Hutt crime lord and arms dealer based on Tatooine.


The death of Dreddon the Hutt

During the last decades of the Galactic Republic, Dreddon was considered one of the most powerful arms dealers in the Outer Rim Territories. After the death of his partner, Wallanooga, at the hands of the fearsome bounty hunter Aurra Sing prior to 36 BBY, Dreddon's resources increased as he folded much of the former's gun running business into his own operations. Despite his girth and the size of his sales area, Dreddon personally traveled to sell his weapons. According to Aurra Sing, many of Dreddon's weapons were cheap or poor quality even by the standards of the Outer Rim (even the Red Iaro terrorists based on Lannik refused to purchase them).

Although based on Tatooine, he had several hideouts and bases throughout the Outer Rim, including a tower on an unknown jungle planet. He and Wallanooga did arms dealing with all sorts of clients from bounty hunters to Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Notably, a shipment of his over-priced armaments intended for Arkanian rebels came into possession of Jabba, who provoked a war between Tatooine's native Tusken Raider clans and the planet's moisture farmers, intending to sell the weapons to the fearful settlers.

One of Dreddon's clients was the Toydarian Watto. This sale resulted in the ability for Anakin Skywalker to salvage some pieces of the arms surplus (which were Tyrian manufactured) in Watto's junkyard and later use them for the air brakes of his final podracer, eventually setting him free from his slavery.

Selling his wares to a variety of clients, Dreddon developed an intense and deadly rivalry with Black Sun Vigo Antonin. In 27 BBY, the pair floated mutual bounties, which were accepted by Zam Wesell and Jango Fett respectively. The bounty hunters executed their contracts effectively, which resulted in neither receiving their promised pay.

He owned a personal luxury freighter named Bedwana Wangas Ateema.

Personality and traits[]

Dreddon loved to travel and usually handled transactions of his weapons sales personally. Although he preferred to have others do his killing, Dreddon himself carried and owned many specialized weapons. Dreddon also maintained a personal harem of slave girls which he presumably brought with him everywhere he traveled. Similar to Jabba Desilijic Tiure, this ended up being his undoing as Zam Wesell was able to get close enough to assassinate him by infiltrating his harem.



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