"I'd been tracking Dreed Pommel for five days across space before I found him on Metellos."
Plo Koon[src]

Dreed Pommel was a criminal during the time of the Stark Hyperspace War in 44 BBY. Kel Dor Jedi Master Plo Koon was assigned by the Jedi Council to find and apprehend Pommel shortly after the death of his Master, Tyvokka. Plo Koon tracked Pommel across the galaxy for five standard days before finding him on Metellos. He had gone to the city of Ektra seeking refuge.

Although Koon attempted to catch him through the use of stealth, Pommel was somehow alerted to his presence. As Koon entered the suite of a young five-year-old girl named Claria Labreezle, he found both of her parents and two siblings dead while she was held captive by Pommel with a blaster by her head. Pommel's intentions were to escape through the wide doorway behind him where a small ship was parked on the suite's landing pad while using the girl as a way of blackmail. Plo Koon knew of many different possibilities he could have used to rescue the girl and apprehend the criminal, but he instinctively let out a barrage of lightning at Pommel with his right hand.

Although Force lightning was considered a dark side Force power, Koon had used it instinctively without drawing from negative emotions. This later prompted him to develop the Force power of electric judgment after meditating on the Force ability. Pommel was struck on the head by the lightning, causing his arms to fly out thus letting go of the blaster and the girl. Koon then shocked him once more with a second bolt of lightning to ensure that he was still unconscious by the time the local authorities arrived.