"Such information is really Councilor Wir's place to share, not mine. But he has his reasons, I'm sure, that keep the best interests of all concerned at heart."
―Corporal Dregz[src]

Corporal Dregz was the commander of a guard squad at the Metatheran Cartel's jungle base on Cularin. His squad found the group of people looking for Darin after they crashed in the rain forest and escorted them safely to the Cartel base. He later showed them where the nearby pirate landing platform was hidden.[1]

Corporal Dregz was formal and businesslike, not the usual broad-smiled friendliness of a Caarite. He followed orders to the letter, and was reluctant to give out information as he did not believe it was his place to do so. He was a pawn in the organization, and was not aware of Velin Wir's illegal actions. As far as he could discern, the Cartel had tried not to disrupt the balance of Cularin's forests more than was necessary.[1]


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